Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jeremiah was a Bulldog

The first night Lucas spent on the inside was his second night here. I made all the dogs stay out that first night because Lucas simply smelled too bad to be allowed in.  He was covered with fleas and he smelled like roadkill. I bathed him the next day and introduced him to the inside of the house proper and he seemed to really like the idea of being here. The first night Lucas spent on the inside of the house he wanted to get on the bed with me. Not just on the bed, but next to me, at my side, near my face with his face. Of course Bert and Sam were not about to let the strange dog sleep on the bed while they didn’t so I cranked the AC down to sixty and we all slept on the bed that night. I kicked them off and made them all sleep on the floor for the rest of the Summer, but Lucas has always wanted to have that spot, the spot closest to me, and I he never got that spot until Bert died.

Lillith hasn’t really made any effort to socialize with me. She’ll come when she’s called and she greets me when I get home but she has never sought me out like Lucas ad Sam does. Yet the last few days she has been doing just that. She’s come in and shown me the toy in her mouth as if it’s a gift and made deep throated noises at me as if she wants me to pay attention to her. Last night, things changed…

Lucas: (yawning dramatically to prove he’s a sleepy dog) Dad! Dad! You’re going to bed so I can get up on the bed with you, right? I can sleep beside you! The windows are open and it is cool enough!
At this point Lucas puts a paw on the bed to see if I am going to shoo him away, but I don’t have a chance…

Lillith: Dad! I’m a sleepy dog! I want on the bed! Lilltle Girrl pibble on the bed with her dad!

Me: Petting them both. Oh, okay, let’s see how this works. Come up here with a dog’s dad!
Lucas: leaping: YAY!
Sam: leaping: I’m coming too!
Lillith: Hopping up on the bed and melding into me the way Lucas did when he was small: Dad! Dad! I want to sleep beside you!
Lucas: Dad! Dad! I want to sleep beside you! No girl dogs allowed next to dad!
Lillith: Bitey face at Lucas!
Lucas: Bitey face at Lillith!
Sam: Grrr at damn kids.
Me: Stop it!
Sam: Damn right.
Lillith: Kissy face at Lucas!
Lucas: Kisses for the girl dog!
Me: Be still!
Sam: Damn right.
Lucas: I’m being still Dad it’s her. (thumps his stumpy tail like a bb in a beer can)
Lillith; I’m being still, Dad, it’s him (thumps her tail on the bed hard)
Sam: Enough! I’m sleeping on the floor. (Exit, stage right)
Me: (Maybe if I lie still they will too)
Lucas: Kisses for Dad.
Lillith: Kisses for Dad! Kisses for Dad!
Me: (Maybe if I lie still they will too)
Me: I listen to the breath of my children and know each one by the sound. Sam sleeps deep but is noisy because he is getting old. Lucas has a powerful sound. Lillith makes puppy sounds, but I realize she is nearly a year old now.  The pack has changed, it is changing, and all in all, I am still very much in love with dogs. Lillith and I don’t have the relationship I want to have but suddenly she seems to be warming to be. Lucas seems to be getting more energetic. Sam is dying slow, but that’s the best we can hope for, really. This is the way that life with dogs is supposed to be, and it is good.

Take Care,


  1. Soooo good. So jealous. So happy for you and the children. xx :)

    1. Lillith turned out to be such a great find. Why are you jealous? You have all the cats!

  2. Lillith will warm to you. In my experience girls take longer to feel safe then boys.... I think its the way their brains are wired. When I worked at the vets it was always the girl dogs who were slow to come around to me, the boys generally went boofy as soon as they felt better.

    1. I think you're right Tass. She was up on the bed again last night.

  3. It’s been just two months since she found her pack, and Summmmer! Like the first time away at camp, or walking the RR tracks to see a dead body… pure tail spraining joy.

    As the temperature dips, snuggling naturally ratchets up the options list. The most desirable snuggle is of course, the world’s greatest hunter, who’s also pretty handy with a door knob.

    1. I wonder if the fifty pound bag of dog hoof I just brought home has anything to do with this?