Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Death Of A Toy

Eleven years ago when I bought this house I found an old tether ball under the deck. Bert loved playing fetch with it and would carry it around in his mouth by the eyelet where the rope was supposed to go through. Well, Bert gnawed the eyelet nearly off but it survived him. Then Lucas came around three years or so ago and he managed to puncture the ball so it deflated but he still loved playing with it. So along comes Lillith. She has managed to destroy the thing in less than three months.
I’ve taken it away from them now because I’m afraid they’ll eat parts of it.

Take Care,


  1. My buddy’s dog will play for hours with 6 one gallon milk jugs, tied by the handles with about a six inch loop of rope.
    There are no caps so he’ll often squash or chew through a jug, but it’s still an awkward carry, adding to the fun.

    1. Lucas has been playing with an old water hose since he got here. It was 100 feet and now the last piece is about ten. But when it was long he would try to pull it through the woods which was hysterical.

    2. Heh, I can just picture that pushing string kind of entertainment.