Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How The World Will End in 2013

My immunity from supernatural events and creatures continues unabated. 2012 was the year it was all supposed to come to a screaming and flaming halt but the world is still here much as I suspected it always would be. The idea that someone somewhere might have predicted anything that would happen on a global scale is pretty much down to either a blind luck shot in the dark one in a billion chance or some damn good science. If NASA ever tells you something really big is about to hit the earth you better be a little more frightened than someone telling you the hieroglyphs told them so.
I bet you didn’t know NASA has reinvented hieroglyphs so control panels in the space shuttles could be read more easily by astronauts, or they did back when the United States had a space program instead of a global police force.

Political posturing is beginning to cost people money and it got worse last year than ever before. There are just so many ways to throw money away before the effect of that loss begins to show. Our country has an over bloated government that seems to think we the people pay up while those in power stack the money the way they like it. If in the end there isn’t enough then we the people just pay more. If it starts getting thin then those of us go have paid in all our working lives are told there isn’t enough to go around and we should stop feeling entitled to that money that is ours.

The election cost over a billion dollars this time around and after the best government that money could buy we sit and watch helplessly as the coin operated president and the prepaid congress dither about like actors in a play. Neither side can offer a budget that seems to fit. I do this every month at my house and so far no one has ever spoken about me going over a cliff because I can’t figure it out.

The idea that our government is getting paid to work seems a little like that Mayan calendar with feathered snakes and blood sacrifices. Generally speaking, big business and large banks that are too large to fail pay their CEO’s very well and it’s the unimportant little people who do all the work and get paid very little. So there is our government getting a lot of money and getting nothing done. I think they do what they are told to do by those who pay them to do it and those who pay them the most get the most.

We aren’t getting anything out of this. And when it gets right down to it we’re not paying them; we’re getting robbed. They can raise taxes as much as they want and there isn’t anything we can do about it except get so poor we’re left with whatever they haven’t spent already.

If you break down who gives money to which party you’ll discover there are a lot of companies pouring a lot of money into both parties. The idea is to make sure they own both sides, but it is also another way to make elections more bitter and divided.  Both sides want that money and they’ll fight for it, too.  So the only way to make sure they win is to make the issues totally black and white, totally one hot button issue within each demographic so they can blame one another  for X, Y,  or Z and get Group A, V, or D, to get out and vote.

The alacrity in which the press went after rape remarks was in and of itself startling, but the fact that grown men with children and families would say such things out loud either speaks to a profound ignorance in the speaker or a presumed ignorance within the electorate. No candidate is ever going to apologize for thinking the voters are a bunch of under- literate rubes that can be herded about like cattle with a few key words and phrases but it is getting to the point that this is true.

The gun lobby has made a killing, no pin intended, by presenting some Mayan calendar event that will occur and the government will come to take our guns. They end results of this fear mongering is millions of guns being sold. There is, regardless of what you might think, a direct correlation between the number of guns and the number of people killed by guns. The more cars there are means more people are killed by cars. The more venomous snakes there are the more people will be killed by guns while shooting at snakes.

Where all of this is heading is we have a weaker and less effective government, more and more powerful businesses who own the government, and a lot of people out there with a lot of damn guns.

The answer to this problem, in case it just popped into your head, is not more guns.

The real problem we face in America, however, is not guns. That too is being morphed into some multi-headed unsolvable issue where a lot of lobbing money will be spent. That is the very nature of American politics these days; present both sides of an issue with absolutes so nothing will happen. And this is the very heart of all of our problems. We spent an incredible amount of resources screaming at one another while the government is paid to make sure we do just that. Education in this country is heading towards a total breakdown. Schools opened in Chicago not so students could still be taught but so their parents could still work.

The implications of that last sentence are as staggering as any you will read this year.

Whatever you think you believe about one of a half dozen issues that get paraded about like local sports teams the truth of the matter is your vote was bought and you got paid nothing for it.

Like the Mayan Apocalypse, that fact won’t change this year either. But we will lose more control over our government, our lives, and our futures.

That will be how it ends.

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  1. I see on tonight’s news that in CA over the last 10 years, gun sales have skyrocketed, and of course the population has grown, but both deaths and injuries from gunshots have decreased. They must need better marksmanship training.

    Most Americans don’t pay any attention to politics outside the Presidential election, and that’s a pretty poor turnout. The mid-term elections are a joke, and I’ve seen reports of city elections with a turnout as low as 5%.

    “We have met the enemy, and they is us.”

  2. A great post, Mike. Couldn't have put it better myself. :)

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  4. We are, the great majority of us, apathetic to the point of being completely oblivious. Those of us who do pay attention, are engaged in the process, and have some common sense, are in the minority.

    The great majority of those who suck down the pablum given to them by Fox News are either so full of racist ignorance or self-righteous holier-than-thou religious fervor that they can't think for themselves. The rest of the major media does little to actually shine any light on the real problems and possible solutions to this ridiculous mess we are in either.
    I get very little of the news I actually believe from the TV...I go to many sources on the net to find out what is really going on. It's still so young (the net) that the big greedy corporate hands don't control everything...but, oh how they want to control it.

    I don't know what the end will be, I never believed the Mayan mythology...but I do believe when the end comes it will not be a natural disaster (a la giant meteor sending us to extinction like the dinosaurs). I think it will be at the hands of a government...either intentionally or due to the total lack of competence to take care of the overpopulated ball we call home.

    However it ends, I hope to go quick..to hell with struggling without food, shelter, drinkable water...and fighting off zombies! :)