Sunday, February 17, 2013

Death of a Friend

The is waiting over; cancer has once again taken someone from me. Survivors come out of the disease changed people sometimes and in most cases they are better people for having lived through the fear and butchery of the disease and the cure. But sometimes people die and this is the case today.
I built a fire in the very back of the property to have a staging point to get rid of some of the vines and underbrush there. There’s a big Oak limb lying nearby and it needs to be cut up and burned. I got the fire burning hot and got one section of the limb chopped up. I sent a picture of the fire to a friend of mine who was dying of cancer. His nephew called me to tell me cancer had won.
So I’ve spent the last couple of hours putting the fire out and making plans to go to see the family and making plans for the funeral. 

He leaves behind a wife and two sons, his father, three sisters, many nieces and nephews, and a legacy of one of the best unknown musicians I ever knew.

So I’ll be off the net for a while and dealing with reality at its most real.

If you thought about quitting smoking this would be a very good time to stop thinking about it and doing it. I’m going to go bury someone I’ve known for over four and a half decades because as many times as he thought about quitting he never did.

Yesterday someone I know ran a half marathon. Today some I knew is dead from smoking. Today someone I know is enjoying the satisfaction of having worked hard for good health. Tomorrow I go to bury a friend.

Your choices affect not only your life but the lives of those around you, the lives of those people who care about you and love you.

You can choose to kill yourself slowly or you can choose to live, but whatever choice you make, you’re making it for the rest of us too.

Take Care,


  1. Sorry about the loss of your friend. Cancer is a heartbreaking disease, usually with much suffering.

    I've never smoked, but, as you know from my blog, I have had my own demon with liquor. Fighting that addiction is a life-long struggle. And it's very true that one's choice touches so many others.


  2. Sorry for your loss Mike. Death sucks!
    But no one gets out alive.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss Mike, I know you saw my post from yesterday about my friend coming "home" to Fargo to be buried. She is the 2nd childhood friend we've buried since Sept 2011 that was a victim of cancer.
    The thing about her is she did everything right...never smoked, took good care of herself,got regular check ups. As she and I stood by the graveside of our friend Anna in Folkston back in 2011 we wondered if her many years of oking contributed, after all it had been nearly 10 yrs before that Anna gave up cigarrettes...but the cancer started in her lungs and the went through her body, settling in her spine.
    We stood there that day,Luneyye and I talking about it and she said to me: This is why we ate taking good care of ourselves,you and I.
    And just one yr and one month later she learns she has cancer.
    I think it is all a crap shoot... I didn't used to bit now I do :(

  4. Sorry for all the typos, I'm on my iPod, but you know what I mean. Be safe on the road Mike.

    1. I will Rose. There is no reason to rush this thing at all. Thank you

  5. I'm sorry to hear, Mike. All my best to you and yours.

    1. Thanks, Sco.

      I appreciate it.

      It's been a very long week, so far, though.