Monday, April 22, 2013

An Open Letter to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Dude. You are so screwed. I mean, like, totally. Each day that you wake up, for the rest of your life, you’re going to face the very real possibility that it is only going to get worse. And you’re like nineteen.  If they don’t kill you that means you might spend sixty years of a life behind bars.  That is a long ass time to be in an orange jumpsuit.  If you made those little tick marks on the wall here would be twenty-two thousand of them before you died a very old man in a very small cell.

Do you think Allah had this in mind?

I’m not one for a religious debate here but the people you killed… do you think they were your enemies? You could have done a lot of things to make the world a better place, in the name of your religion but instead you decided to kill people who otherwise might have stopped and listened to what you had to say.  But now whatever you say is going to be tainted by the fact what you did was murder.  Charles Manson is a lot closer to being your god than Allah is if I know anything about religion and anything about murder.

You might want to take a good hard look at how Chuck is doing over there in California right now. He was thirty-five when he went in and you’re going to spend sixteen years in jail before you are that old. Do you sense a reoccurring theme here? Do you now see an open ocean of time opening up before you? It is endless. It will seem endless. There will be nothing but the same day, every day, for the rest of your life.

The Americans who were your friends will go on with their lives. They will fall in love, have families, educate themselves, worship gods who do not want murder, and they will go to movies, art shows, and they will walk in the woods.  These people would have remained your friends. Now, I suspect, you’re best bet is going to be some guy you meet in the shower.  For the rest of your life the only person you’re going to have any contact with at all is when you’re raped.  

The one thing I want you to think about here is what would have happened if your bomb would have gone off too soon, and you and your brother would have been injured. Bystanders would have rushed to your aid. Policemen would have cleared the streets so you could have been transported to a hospital.  Doctors would have rushed to save your life and the life of your brother. The American government, had you no money to pay your bills, would have paid them for you.  Money would be donated by strangers.

No one would have asked you about your religion because it would not have mattered.

Now, your brother is dead.  You’ve been maimed. You murdered four people and injured hundreds more.  What did you accomplish? What did this help? What cause is now elevated so that we might see why someone would do something like this?  Nothing. You did nothing but murder.  You are a common criminal and you will be treated like one.

I hope they show you Yankee Stadium with the crowd singing.  I hope they show you a video of people cheering the police as they walked down the street. I hope you see the next marathon and the number of people who are running for the first time in remembrance and in honor of those killed and injured.

You are so terribly young I suspect you will be spared the death penalty. I so hope you are spared. The vast amount of time you have left on this earth will do very little but show you that we Americans will be strengthened in resolve. We will be united by a commonality that you could have claimed as your own. America could have been what you worked for, built towards, and dreamed, but no. 

You wanted murder instead.

So now, I hope you read this.  It will seem odd to you that I still respect Islam and I still respect Muslims. What? You cannot believe this? Believe in a place where differences manner less than what we all share? Yes, that is what I believe. Perhaps that is enough for me. Perhaps, and I venture out into the unknown here, perhaps Allah would like that thought.

I will ask someone who knows Islam which one of us, me the writer and the dreamer, or you, the murderer, which one of us, is closer to God.

You have a very long time to consider the answer. 

A very, very, long time.

Take Care,


  1. Replies
    1. Beautifully written. I hope he reads this..

    2. Thank you, Liz.

      I suspect I will not be on his reading list anytime soon.

  2. I hope they cook his eggs in bacon grease every morning.

    A L N

  3. Very well said. as always Mike

    1. Thank you, ALN. I think we are dealing with a very young man who did a very terrible thing and is going to pay a very horrible price for it and there is no way out for him now, nor should there be.

      I suspect how he gets his eggs cooked might become the high point of his day.

  4. As horrific as that whole day was, it will be impossible for me to ever forget one particular photo -- the one with one of these brothers-from-hell placing that bomb just a couple of feet from that 8 year old boy who was killed, and his 7 year old sister, who lost a leg.

    I'm torn. I hate the fact that he's still alive and getting the attention he wants, and wasting space, medical resources (in a Jewish hospital of all places), and air. But death is too good for him too.

    I hope extraordinary suffering finds him frequently.

    1. I find the fact that he is in a Jewish hospital far more fitting in this case than the young man would understand.

      I hope that he will one day. He does seem to have some time to think about it.

  5. I wonder if he’s found out he killed his brother yet?

    1. I wonder if he did or if when he did he knew it then?

    2. The cops claim the older brother was wounded but still alive when the younger ran over him, dragging him a ways down the road. I doubt the younger was aware he did it at the time, being a little distracted and all.

    3. That would be an odd form of karma, Bruce, for the brother who led to be killed by the brother who followed.