Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Mind and Me

Me: Write,write, write, write...

Mind: Natalie Merchant would be good writing music. Put on some Natalie Merchant. 

Me: Okay. Write, write, write.  *stops to put on Natalie Merchant*

Mind: Not the old stuff, but the new stuff, but not the new new stuff, the old new stuff…

Me: What? 

Mind: Tigerlily. 

Me: *sigh* Okay. 

Mind: YAY! 

Me: Write, write, write, hey what’s that word I used to describe the inner courtyard of a castle?

Mind: I don’t know. 

Me: What do you mean you don’t know? We used that word a couple of chapters ago. 

Mind: I forgot. It’s gone. I swear I’m trying. 

Me: Damn. 

Mind: We saved that chapter to the jump drive and didn't upload it yet. The jump drive is in your spare shirt pocket and it's in your work truck. 

Me: You remember all that and don't remember the word?

Mind: Sorry.

Me: We'll call it the courtyard can change it later. 

Me: "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that. "

Me: Don't do that.

Mind: Ask Facebook! YAY! 

Me: *sigh* Okay. 

Mind: What is she saying?

Me: What?

Mind: Natalie Merchant, in “Carnival” the second to the last 

chorus, she says something in the background, what in the hell is it?

Me:  Who knows? We have to get back to writing. 

Mind: No, ask Facebook about that too! YAY!

Me: No we’re going to write. 

Mind: They sell beer on Sunday now. 

Me: We write on Sunday now. 

Mind: Call her.

Me: No, write. 

Me: Write, write, write, write…

Mind: You think someone might know the lyrics to that song?

Me: Write, write, write…

Mind: If you knew I would shut up. 

Me: Write…write….

Mind: Someone out there knows. You could know too!

Me: Write…

Mind: Could we look up that movie, the one with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale?

Me: *sigh*