Saturday, April 27, 2013

Returning To The Pack

I had to get back in time for the Full Moon. I wouldn’t have any other way, really. There I am in my own bed for the first time all week and the yard is full of moonshine. The Mutts, already in a heightened sense of awareness drank deeply. My first night home would not be a peaceful one but it would be home. Much more a man cannot ask for if he needs to be happy.  It was good to be on my own bed again even if the vast majority of it belongs to the dogs who are now accustomed to sleeping out of their usual places and patterns. But such is Dog Life.

Sam neck was gashed fairly well. His skin is old and is flesh weakened with age so it is no surprise he took some damage. He jumped a dog eleven years his junior and he tried to ambush a Pit. Lillith is as laid back and as submissive as any dog I have ever loved but had there not been someone here when Sam attacked her I suspect it would have been much worse. A thirty-five pound dog is a lot of dog when it gets right down to it.

Lillith seems to be more affected than the other two by my time away from them. When she first arrived here she would go off by herself and sleep while the two older dogs stayed close to me. I made it a point to find her, pet her, and ask her to join us and after a while she got into the habit of staying close. I want her to feel comfortable no matter if she comes or goes, but I want her to know I would rather have her close to me.

Lucas was delighted to see me and he seemed to be the happiest to have me back. Sam seemed to still be in a state of shock, just a bit, and he seems to be a little more wary of where he is when I’m petting them all at once. His wound isn’t serious but at the same time there are no minor injuries to the aged. I worry that this will turn into something more serious if I don’t get a handle on it right now.

It was good to have everyone back inside and everyone needed a good meal. I gave them wet food and dry food mixed which they love and I had tuna. I was too tired to try cooking. A week long inside class has left me drained and bitchy. I didn’t get a chance to work out or write like I wanted to, either.  The hotel was noisy and there was a set of train tracks behind it. The train ran once and hour except when it ran twice an hour. I was under the impression there were shipping boxcars full of noisy people into Macon just to wander the hotel hallways while shouting at one another.

I rather have a seven hundred pound gorilla shove a treble hook attached to a chain down my throat and swing me around over his head like buzzard on meth than sit through another class.

Last night was rather warm but all three dogs wanted to sleep on top of me. Lucas put his chin on my chest, which wasn’t going to work for long, but I let him stay for a while. Lillith got next to me and kept wiggling her body to get closer to me. She also tries to twist her neck around and kiss me while I’m trying to sleep but hey, she’s a little girl dog. Sam slept at my feet with his chin resting on my shins and I felt as if they were trying to make sure I didn’t get up and leave during the night. There was no way I could sleep like this but it was good just to lie there and feel the weight of the pack on my body as if we were all recharging what had been drained from us during the week. Lucas got up, turned around three times and plopped back down, Sam repositioned his head, but Lillith stayed close. I actually dozed off. When I woke up again it was after one and the room was full of moonlight.

The dogs wanted out and they stayed out for a long time. I lay in the bed and wondered what they did at night while I was gone and how they must had wondered what happened to me. My grandmother’s dog never stopped looking for her whenever he went into the house, room by room, and he never found her again.

The second attempt at sleep was a little easier. Having discovered me still around the mutts decided to take their normal positions, except for Lillith who still wanted to cuddle. She seems to have lost some cohesion to the pack during my time away and I have to get her back. Sometimes former strays are like that and I have never really known anything about Lillith’s history. She doesn’t seem to suffer from the same sort of damage that Sam has but she does seem to be very shy about asking for attention.  The first thing this morning I got a face full of Lucas nose. Sam stood up and tried to crawl on top of me. I am back hone now.

At this very moment all three are sleeping in various places around the room. It is comforting to hear them breathing deep and restful.  I left them this morning when I went to Yoga and they were delirious when I returned. But now, we’re all back together again. I’m going to wake them all up and take them outside and we’re going to go through some training exercises so they’ll remember some of the stuff they’re already supposed to know.  Uppermost in this session will be is we’re family again, just as we always have been, and just as we always will be.

Take Care,