Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Roll (a log) Like A Hermit.

Okay, there's a largish dead tree that has fallen in the back acre and it's right where I want to make a path. I need to make a path so when I want to check the fence, or just generally walk around where there is a three hundred year old Oak tree, I don't have to worry about waist high weeds or snakebite.

I'm still learning to use the iPhone camera so some of the shots are a bit out of focus. Oh, like the first one below. It's where I've axed the log off the stump. Stumps don't roll like that so it had to go.

So the next task is to get the log on rollers. See photo below

It takes some getting used to steering but once you get into a rhythm...
And there is always plenty of help here for me. See photo below for the supervision of this project.

 And below is the log on the pile and the next shot is the other half I moved today and in the same way. 

I have no idea how much this all weighed but I can tell you it's not hard at all to move them once you get the right tools. We human built the Pyramids and Stonehenge using little more than what you see here. All this talk and nonsense that we cannot do something because it's hard shows a lack of imagination.

Take Care,


  1. Should have rented a big pencil sharpener.

    1. You come up with the best ideas after the fact.