Sunday, June 16, 2013

Two Rotted Trees, One Stump Between Them, and ...

“We are about to do something we’re going to pay for” Peg told me and as my tree cutting partner of nearly ten years I know when to listen to her, which is always.  But the problem was a very simple problem; there was a tree very close to the shed that was totally rotted inside and the trunk was cracking. If I paid someone to drop the tree for me it would cost at least five hundred bucks. Hell, the shed was worth half that and Peg had helped me build it. Another problem was the dog kennel was on the other side of the tree. Another problem was the water faucet that was in front of the tree. Another problem was the fence which maybe, the tree would hit if it fell perfect. Another problem was this tree shared that cracking trunk with another tree which while not rotted, was going to be sooner or later.
“You’re sweating a lot.” Peg told me and I knew what she already knew; this was a bad idea. Yet it was a bad idea whose time had come. We tried to get a rope into the tree and it broke. There comes a when you just have to say, “*&^$# it” and just do the best you can.

I made a wedge cut on the north, northwest side of the tree and hoped the rotted wood would hold it as it fell, guiding it between everything. I cut knowing the top might break off of it. I cut knowing the trunk might shear away or the rotted part of the tree would crumble. But mostly I cut knowing it was time. The wedge fell to the ground and Peg nodded.

The old wood was eaten quickly by the saw and Peg and I knew that once this began there wasn’t going to be any stopping it. I cut straight in and a little to the northwest, willing to trade part of the fence instead of having to do any plumbing and the cut began to open. I let the saw feed for another three seconds and bailed. The tree was going to come down now.

I killed the saw and bailed. 

 The photo above shows the snapped rope and shows we dropped the tree about three feet due west away from the water faucet!
 This is the view from the top. No, the dogs were not outside when all this was going on. This is their post felling pee on everything new inspection. 

Now, about that other tree on the shared stump.... 

We dropped it right on top of the burn pile!

This photo was taken from South of the firepit! Dead on top!

Peg and I high fived and yelled aloud. This was not our first drop but it was the first where things had to be perfect. 

And they were! 

Take Care,


  1. So you're saying you lucked out this time.

    1. I rather be lucky than good.

      But honestly, this one scared us.