Saturday, June 29, 2013

World War Z: A Movie Review

Okay, I will admit to saying the following not only once but a few dozen times in my life, “Zombie movies are like porn; if you’ve seen one you have seen every one” and for zombie movies and porn that is basically true.  Supporters of both will tell you that each is special and different and they love them all but no, they are not. Mostly, when it comes to porn or zombie movies they are all pretty much the same. Not that I’m saying the walking dead and sex are the same things but there is a great deal of moaning and screaming no matter which one you watch.

And again, I’ve never been a big Brad Pitt fan. He’s pretty much the man version of a bimbo and he’s cast in movies that make him seem more of that than anything else. A female friend of mine watched “Legends of the Fall” so many times it lasted longer than World War One, but again, those people who like Brad Pitt movies are going to say each one is good and special.

So why on earth am I doing a review on a Brad Pitt Zombie Movie?

Oddly, I did not come here to trash the movie but to praise it. Director Marc Forster doesn’t allow much lag time in this movie and it is expertly casted. Pitt is the only big name here but he shares the screen with minor actors who do more than pull their own weight in this one. Nonstop action is a very overused description these days but about three minutes deep into the movie you better have everything you need to make it to the end because no one is standing around waiting for something to happen.

“28 Days Later” invented the mean and fast Zombie, I think, (Zombie people will correct me I am sure, but anyway…) and these Zombie are both very mean and very fast. They explode into the scene like rabid football players on meth and from beginning to end I was constantly flinching.

So how is this one different? Let’s go through the Zombie movie checklist… Do we have the undead who can only be stopped by headshots? Yes we do! Do we have panicked survivors on the run for their lives? Yes we do! Do we have moan and groaning and the undead eating the living and infecting more people with each turn? Why, yes, as a matter of fact we have all of this, and a super-secret government disease center with everything else we need also to complete the checklist.  So what makes this one different?
What makes this movie is how well it is done. Period. Pitt fashions himself in a caring family man and gets plenty of back-up from his counterpart Mireille Enos who plays his wife. Enos is more known from her small screen talent but she delivers big here. Likewise others in the movie who are make a statement for casting rare talent. Matthew Fox turns in a good piece of work, as does Daniella Kertesz who pulls off a gritty and realistic performance as an Israeli soldier.

Of course, some scenes are rather campy as you’d have to imagine in a Zombie movie. But the intensity of the movie never stops, never lets up, and Pitt does a remarkable job of selling it as real science fiction rather than a Zombie movie.

Yes, I liked this Brad Pitt Zombie Movie and I would highly recommend to those who like action movies as well as Zombie movies.

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