Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Fought The Lawn and The Lawn Won.

It would help if the weather would cooperate with my plans for yard work. True enough, unlike the rest of the country South Georgia is experiencing one of the mildest Summers on record. The rain has beaten the heat into submission and we haven’t seen the usual day in and day out triple digit and mid ninety degree furnace weather that we always get this time of year.  Today I went all day without AC and that is rare for this late in July, truly.

But the rain has fallen and fallen and fallen which means while mowing isn’t the hellish endurance test it has always been in the Summer, it has to be done more frequently. An inch of rain has come to visit nearly every day and so my plants, the flowers and tomatoes and the coffee plants, are all doing very well indeed. The downside is all of the work I have done on the back acre to have a trail is being undone. And the grass needs to be cut every single week or it’s knee high after the eighth day. I have mowed at least once a week since May and after mowing today we got another inch of rain.

Usually I have to water my compost pile once a week but this year I haven’t watered it at all. It’s melting away in front of my eyes.  The compost that is generated by the pile is decomposing faster than I can add to it. I had one hell of a good start this year to the compost pile and I thought I might have enough for another raised bed for peppers next year but at this rate I’ll be lucky to have any to spare at all. I am growing some of the best soil ever but it’s disappearing in front of my eyes.

It’s a good thing I started clearing the back when I did because every living thing that is green is supercharged this year. The downside is the trees, who have suffered through drought for a decade aren’t strong enough to handle their own limbs. They’ve filled up and filled out but the infrastructure they’ve grown is accustomed to a scarcity of water.  The trees are drinking deep and their limbs are falling off, breaking off, with branches filled with green leaves. If we get a hurricane or a tropical storm by the end of the Summer this place is going to be a mess.

I need some mindless activity and mowing is just that. Back and forth and around and around, mowing is something I have always hated. I still hate it but this is activity that has a purpose and it keeps me busy and I need it. My personal life is still a wreck and this is something that I can do to fill some space and to think a bit. But the rain falls and falls and falls some more so I have to stop three times to let the rain stop for a while, then mow again. It’s frustrating and it irritates the hell out of me not to be able to finish something I started.

It is so very odd for the temperature to be so low. The humidity is still jacked up so high it’s not funny but the killer heat isn’t here today and hasn’t been bad all month. The rest of the country has been getting our Summer and I won’t complain at all about that.  But we’ve been getting the rain that was destined for places that have damn near burned down and that’s just wrong.

Living in the woods means I get plants that aren’t grass and I have places where grass is scared to grow. Thick green vines and fern like stuff sprouts out of the shadows of trees and if left unchecked become thickets that a dog can disappear into and never be seen again. Those spade leafed vines that cover every damn thing come up from odd corners and even in the middle of the yard. These things can kill young trees they so cover them so I cut them every chance I get. I’ve nearly driven tem to extinction on my property and that is no mean feat.

The way I figure it, if a man can push a mower for three hours straight then he can run for that long, and maybe that man can do a marathon. He could at least run for a couple of hours and that could get him half way there if not more. This is training with grass stains but the rain keeps breaking it up for me. I really need some exhaustion right now and all I am getting is soaking wet.

At the end of the day, right as the heaven really open up, I managed to finish the yard. The back acre still needs attention but it will not get it today. I am wet and I smell bad even to me. The rain begins and the dogs race me to the house. Lillith doesn’t like to get wet, Sam hates bad weather, and Lucas doesn’t mind anything like that. He pads alongside of me, pushing me a bit, hoping I’ll push back but I don’t feel like wrestling in the mud with a large dog right now. I feel like running, walking, mowing, doing anything at all to be in motion, but not mud wrestling.

The rain continues. The Weather Channel keeps promising drier weather but the rain doesn’t stop. All my plans for working outside turn into plans for working inside but it really isn’t the same is it? I am accustomed to the heat but I am glad for the break. I wish it could be cooler without being so damn wet but it looks like one comes with the other.

I will have to mow again this month. Then maybe five times in August. Then four times in September. Then at least once in October. Ten more mowings this year before I push the mower back into the shed until May.

I’m more tired of not working than I am from working today.

Take Care,



  1. C’mon chicken, a little mud wrestling will do you good.