Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Sins of Chip Kelly

In the “Be Careful What You Wish For” Department, we have Chip Kelly, the brand new coach for the Philadelphia Eagles going into Denver to play the Broncos. Kelly, who is widely considered to be an Offensive Wizard has been stymied by the poor play of his players, notably his quarterback Michael Vick, and Kelly has declared “we need more snaps”. The showdown in Denver might see him get his wish, but for all the wrong reasons.

Kelly’s “more snaps” philosophy means running more plays and in college ball that was a great thing. But this is not college and some of the men on the field are in their thirties, most notably his quarterback Michael Vick, and these older guys can’t keep up the pace of a snap every twenty seconds. Kelly could go with much younger players but he’d lose a lot of experience. Kelly is going to discover that Denver has quite possibly the fastest offense alive today and it has nothing at all to do with snaps. The Broncos move the ball quite well thank you very much. They have a quarterback what can sling it.

There is something else Kelly hasn’t considered; Michael Vick is still a pariah. Vick’s conviction for dog fighting left an indelible stain on the Eagles reputation for hiring him and on Kelly’s reputation for keeping him. Vick is still very toxic. The Dog People, and who knew there were so many, have not let go yet. I suspect they aren’t going to because of that Pit Bull thing. Vick murdered Pit Bulls. We have not forgotten this. The Dog People hate this man with a passion greater than football people love him. This will always be an issue for the Eagles, Kelly, and Vick. Until they fire Vick, someone cripples him, or he quits, expect the Dog People to represent.

The Eagles play their next three games on the road which is good news considering they’ve lost their last seven at home. It is one thing to hear the dog howl noises and barking coming from your opponent’s stands but it is quite another to hear it from people who are supposed to love you. The Dog People are always there, always loud, and they never stop. It’s a distraction to hear your home town cheer when your quarterback gets hit. It’s a distraction to the men on the field who don’t respect their quarterback because he’s Michael Vick.

Chip Kelly has his work cut out for him. Vick is a Coach Killer. Every Coach Michael Vick has played for in the NFL has been fired or fled. Vick’s numbers are often stellar but just as often, dismal. The games Vick has won with his heroics on the field are dwarfed by late game turnovers and his inability to get the job done when the game is one the line.

Oh, we’re still out there, in cyberspace, in the stands, in the streets and pretty much everywhere else. We Dog People are still cobbling together enough money to save strays, support dog adoption and help wherever we can, whenever we can, and we will never see the big bucks that Vick is still playing for, no, we will not.

But each and every weekend we snap at Chip Kelly and his deeply flawed freakshow of a human being. Kelly wants more snaps, and by that he means more offensive plays. But the Dog People are snapping at his heels and soon the other fans will be, too.

Be careful, Chip Kelly, what you wish for.

Take Care,