Friday, October 11, 2013

Lucas: Lillith and Sam.

In all the noise that is going on in regard to the health of Lucas you might have forgotten ( or you might be one of those people who keep prompting me to mention) I have two other dogs. At no point in all of this have either be neglected or forgotten by me. Lucas is not my only dog even if he is special. My Elder Mutt and My Pittie Princess have not suffered while Lucas has been attended to these few days.

Sam is Sam and Sam will always be Sam. This animal slipped into an odd form of survival mode twelve years ago and he’s never fully left that cocoon of craziness. Sam doesn’t attach himself to other dogs as much as the others I’ve known and Sam isn’t really worried that much about who leaves and who doesn’t come back. He missed Bert, I could tell that, but they were together for over a eleven years. Bert helped raise Sam and I suspect other than myself, Bert was the only living being to offer Sam any comfort for the first part of Sam’s life.

Lillith came unglued. The bond between Lucas and Lillith is a very real and very special bond. They are inseparable and this thing separated them. Never underestimate the power of love in a Pit. Never do this. They pack more heart inside of their bodies than we can ever comprehend. Lillith was going to tear down the gate and do whatever it took to keep Lucas from leaving without her. When I came home without him she was inconsolable. For no other reason, then for this I cannot allow Lucas to die. I cannot let this disease take him from Lillith. The Universe demands that love be paid homage to, it demands that love break rocks and move mountains. Love demands that I not lose Lucas because he is my dog and I cannot let him go without every single weapon at my side having been utterly spent. I cannot let him go because Lillith loves him.

What? For what are you saving this sort of effort in your own life? If not this then what else? If not to bar death from taking love from you then why do you live? Is not each day you spend with someone you love an act of defiance? Let those who worry and despair look to their material needs as they can and how they will but my life will be bartered off in the name of those who care for me and for those I care for.

I do not care what effort I must make or what it takes to do this. I will not lose Lucas. I will not let my dog die. I will save him.

Nothing less than love demands that I do this. Nothing short of Death will stop me.

Take Care,



  1. This post is why I value you in my life. This post is why you are cared for, respected and loved by people all around the world. If anyone can will this disease out of existence it is you. We are all behind you, Mike and we all love those mutts! xxoo