Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The trip yesterday started out very bad and got no better. Lucas did not want to get into the truck, Lillith tried to tear through the fence to save him, I backed into my girlfriend’s car, and they kept Lucas.
All the stuff they said they could get done yesterday they couldn’t so it was either take him back for a night then bring him back today or leave him. I didn’t think he would get back into the truck if I ever got him home again and Lillith wouldn’t put up with another loading experience, I don’t think.

Sometime today we will find out if the lump is due to some sort of cyst around the root of the tooth. If it is they will remove the tooth and patch him up. If it is something other than that they’ll do a biopsy and find out of this is something that is benign or not.  If is benign they will take it out of they can. If it is not then we talk about what happens next.

I left Lucas in a stranger place he did not want to go to and I left him with strangers who do not know him and he does not know. I won’t be there when he goes into surgery. I make the wrong decision not to bring him back home.  He could have slept on the bed with me last night and woke up loved.

I have no idea how to cover what this is going to cost. I will save Lucas if I can. I won’t let money decide if someone I love lives or dies.

Thank you everyone for your kind words, prayers and good thoughts.  I just can’t sit down right now and go through all the online stuff and thank everyone individually but I will when this is all done.




  1. **HUGS** The Loki mutt knows you love him. And we love you. If there is ANYTHING we can do, tell us ok?

  2. Prayers and Hugs from across the big pond!

  3. hang in there...reach out if you need anything...social media can be tough but can also be a place for community....
    talk to your vet about that "pet credit card"....my neighbor had to get it for a surgery...it's almost like a card in your pets name...i will ask her about it & message you....just hang in there....

  4. p.s. that's me above, Jackie Murrant...from facebook....

  5. youcaring.com

    that's how you'll cover the costs. you'll create a fundraiser and we'll all help out.

    and you made a decision based on the evidence at hand. regretting it is understandable but don't beat yourself up. he'll be fine overnight at the vet. not his favorite thing, maybe, but he'll be okay. he may even make some new friends with the staff.

    and no matter what happens, he IS loved. and he knows it. and he will continue to be loved until his very last day, whenever that is, and may it be long in the future.

  6. I’m betting Lucas and Lillith were freaked because they picked up your vib for the last… what is it… 4 or 5 days. I think leaving him overnight was the right thing and much less stressful than the extra trip. They don’t know him, but they do know dogs, and they know how not to hurt him regardless of what happens.
    The bill will be paid.

    What you have to worry about is that pack of yours tearing up the joint when the tooth fairy comes around in the middle of the night.

  7. Bruce made me laugh. I can't imagine my 12 allowing the tooth fairy in! Mike, I am praying for Lucas. My "old man" and the heart of my heart is now 13, and has new bumps daily. I have to have one removed soon, but it does not appear suspicious to the vet. All of that rambling was to say I do understand. I pray that it is benign. Maybe impacted tooth or something. And he was left with someone that you knew, and chose to leave him with. He recognizes that. All will be okay. And if a FB "fundrazr" needs to be set up, we will all pitch in. Breathe, and think positive thoughts.

  8. Again, best of luck to you both! Mike, I wanted to say that I - and surely most of us - don't try to offer support to be thanked, referring to your last paragraph. We simply want you to know we care, no thanks is necessary.

  9. You're doing the best thing for Lucas. No question about that. Leaving him was probably the safest thing to do, because it would have been harder to get him to go, yet again, and he will be safe at the vet's and be there ready for surgery very early without the added stress of loading up and being driven there. I do pray that this is benign.

  10. Hopefully he just has an abcessed tooth and gum! Easily treated with antibiotics and either an I&D or extraction of the offending tooth.
    ... and antibiotics

  11. You don't have to go through and answer any of us individually, you don't even have to update us, but when you feel like letting us know, we will be here for you Mike.
    Don't second guess your decision...I think it was a good one...you didn't leave him at a pound, but at a veterinarian's office where their business is taking care of animals...they will take care of him for you.
    Abcessed tooth/gum is "our" (for we are all feeling so much of this with you) best hope, or a benign cyst that can be removed.
    Whatever the outcome, you are doing everything exactly right, with all the love in your heart you have for your furry boy.

  12. Maybe Lucas can get some of those titanium replacement teeth the Navy Seal dogs get... then he can sparkle.

  13. All my love and positive thoughts go to Lucas right now!
    I will pray it is only a dental problem that can be fixed with some simple procedure

    Lucas knows you love him no matter if he can see you or not, because you have never shown him anything but love and caring

    Be well Mike, you did the right thing in seeking treatment for his problem,

    Long distance hugs and belly rubs

    uhhhh...the belly rubs of course are for Lucas *giggles*