Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hocus! Pocus! The Tallokas!

I went to visit with friends last night and they feted me with a really good supper, a great wine, and a birthday cake. I was gone from the house for nearly six hours and I was slightly more than a little worried about Lucas while I was gone. On the upside, Lucas has shown signs of total emotional recovery. He’s his old self again, or at least 90% of it, and he’s beginning to push Sam back a bit. Sam’s insurrection is fading. He is no longer convinced that the top dog can be picked off easily now. Lillith is also showing signs that she might have taken advantage of Lucas’ weakness and he’s swatting at her with his paws. Everyone seems to realize Lucas’ mouth isn’t one hundred percent yet. The downside is that Thursday and Friday nights Lucas bled a lot out of his nose. The doctors warned me this would happen and Lucas bled all the way home from the hospital and I’ve washed his blanket and my sheets every day since he got back.

I am happy to report this morning that all was well when I returned last night. I needed to let go a little and see what would happen and everything was perfect when I returned from the party. The L Hounds, Lillith and Lucas, stormed up on the porch when I got home, snarling at one another playfully, and when I let them in Lucas reared up on his hind legs to greet me as he did before all this happened. I call that the Loki Leap. His energy level is returning in a big way and I can only hope his stitches heal before he starts running around playing with Lillith as hard as they do.

Last night I had a nightmare where there was an orange bolt of energy in the kitchen. It extended from the floor to the ceiling and made a crackling and popping noise. I woke up and could still see the light of it and still hear it but I realized the dogs hadn’t moved. The general rule of thumb in this house is this; if the dogs aren’t reacting it isn’t real. I waited for the smoke alarm to jick off and it didn’t. I couldn’t smell any smoke. The orange lightning bolt creature was the product of imagination and I went back to sleep fairly easily.

When we got up this morning not only was there no traces of our electric fiend but there was also no trace of blood. Lucas has totally stopped bleeding! I was told if he played too hard this would raise his blood pressure and make the bleeding worse but after six hours with Lillith the play seemed to help more than it hurt. I have always thought that sick people and dogs needed to exercise. There is very little convalescence in sloth.

So, here we are, five days after the operation and things look good. Lucas seems to be nearly normal emotionally and his body is healing. We get the pathology report back Tuesday and find out if this is over or if this is really over.

Take Care,



  1. It's amazing how much being with those we love and love us back helps our emotional and physical recovery. This was great news.

    1. Thank you, Melinda, I think so too.

      It is just so good to have the pack back in one piece.

    2. Looking forward to Tuesday's news. Just know how much everyone is sending good thoughts. BTW - "Tex" is a-ok for a nickname. Melinda is a lot of letters.

    3. I like the name Melinda. Tex isn't bad either.