Sunday, November 17, 2013

State of Lucas

Lucas seems to have padded his way down the road to recovery without so much as looking back. The first few days were bad because his nose was still bleeding, he was still recovering from being anesthetized but most of all I think Lucas was in a state of shock from being away from home. The closest thing we humans can experience to compare to this is alien abduction. Lucas was in a strange place with nothing familiar there and they cut off part of his face. For four days he had to wonder where he was, where I was, and how long this was going to go on.

When I went to get Lucas he was still very stoned. They wanted to keep him one more day but all things medical looked good and Lucas was dying. He wasn’t eating, drinking, peeing or pooping. Lucas was shutting down. Whatever was happening to him wasn’t home and he didn’t want to live without it. I told work I was going to go get my dog and that was what I did.

The whole way back I had to keep Lucas out of my lap. As long as I kept on hand on his head Lucas seemed fine. But he had to have that contact. It wasn’t until we started down the driveway to the house he acted like he really knew where he was.

That was a week ago, Thursday. This Wednesday we are going to have the vet come here to take his stitches out. Lucas as recovered entirely from the Alien Abduction thing. Well, almost. He likes to sleep on top of me more than he used to and he has to lose weight anyway. He wants his nose close to my face when we sleep and I don’t mind, really.

That’s what’s missing from a lot of people’s lives these days, I think. We’ve created a world where connections are made with keyboards but not with faces. Lucas is scarred up pretty bad but I just want to be close to that face. I will admit it freely; I suffered terribly without him here with me. I love my mutts. I wonder how people go about their day to day lives without someone to love there.

When a close friend of mine told me I couldn’t save Lucas that I should let him live out his time in comfort until the pain became too great, I saw the practical wisdom in this thinking. But it lacked love. Love means being able to see past practicality and seeing a way to get things done doe someone because love demands it, love compels you do take that leap, love propels you through the arena of wisdom and logic and dollars and sense and love lifts you above it all so that nothing else matters to you.

Right now I face harder financial times that I ever dreamed possible but I cannot say that I care. My close friend came over and asked me how I was going to manage this and I asked her if she still thought she was right. The math was on her side but now she wavered; now she sat and saw before her the evidence at hand that there was something out there which defied her calculator and honestly I think it daunted her sense of being.

Could you? Would you? Have you? Would you do it again?

I feel more whole for the decision I made. I feel as if there was a trade I did not know I was making has been made, and I got the better end of the deal, by far. Now, I wonder if my friend had also at one time in her life had also made that decision and now saw that part of her soul had been traded away. I cannot say what she got in that bargain but I do know I want none of it.

Love. Lucas was going to allow himself to fade away and die without it. Some would have let him die for the lack of it. We’re all going to go in the end. Love is the only way to live. Anything less and you’re cowering in fear of the loss of something you are too afraid to lose to have.




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  2. Dawwww! You're an awesome dog dad! Hugs and kisses to all 3 doggies!

  3. I was concerned when you said there was no hope and we would have to say good bye to Lucas but I understood the practicality of it and I also knew now was the time for unconditional support not guilt or judgement.
    When the shock had lessened and you decided to fight, regardless of cost, I was relieved because you are 'that' guy. You are a fighter. You have fought for all your pack and despite trying to distance your self from people every story you write ends with compassion. You bring hope to my world, Mike. Thank you. xo

    1. Love is the only thing that brings hope to any world, Bitsy! But thank you anyway!

  4. I've never lost one of my dogs, since all three are relatively young. I dread the day I do. I have lost cats through the years -- each one was a different personality, and therefore different in how I handled their death/loss. I let one die at home, since he was scared of the vet and everything possible had been done for him. The others were mostly put to sleep at the vet, but with me standing beside them, stroking their backs, heads, telling them I loved them. I do believe in doing everything that will give your pet a fighting chance.

    By the way, I read a survey recently that said 80-90 percent of people said they got more affection from their pets than their spouses! After I lost my husband, I could not stand coming home to the empty, quiet house. So I found a dog, Rambo, at the animal shelter to adopt. Now I have 3 and when I return home it's the grandest, most loving reception every time, even if I'm only gone 30 minutes! Love, yes, indeed is necessary.

    1. I love the noise mine make when I return. It's incredible to have that much excitement. It's like a parade once a day!

  5. To be fair, when you told us Lucas had a problem and probably wouldn’t make 6 months, you made it sound like you had already exhausted your options. You certainly weren’t going to operate, and if you couldn’t find a vet that would try, game over.

    Dogs are so amazing, cut off a leg or two… ‘Alrighty then just hang on a minute while I figure out how I’m going to fetch that ball.’
    ‘Sorry I can’t stand up, I’m still trying to flush out all these drugs, but give me a minute and I’ll reward you with all the love you can handle.’
    ‘I’m so misshapen and scarred I look like a pirate. So?’

    No matter what we, or life, throw at them, they never feel sorry for themselves, too busy getting on with life.

    1. Bruce,

      "Game Over" is what the first vet said and he made it sound definitive
      The next vet told us something different and because it was more hopeful, I took it.

      Turned out well.

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    1. Ha! Tears of happiness are welcome here, Jayne!

  7. I have made those sacrifices and I will do it again without batting an eye! If your heart is in it, it's always the right choice.