Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Dream Of Snakes

I never dream about the first house we lived in back in my hometown. Mostly, I never dream about anything that has happened in my past from that period of time. As far as my dream factory goes the first twelve years of my life never happened at all. That says very much about how I feel. I consider my dreams to be precursors to writing, such as what you see before you, and they provide fuel for fiction, too.
The dream last night began at the first house I bought in Donalsonville, nearly fifteen years ago, but it morphed into a dream that showed the house I live in now, in Hickory Head, and that house back in Donalsonville. It was an odd thing, really, because I stepped out of the back door I have now into the laundry room back in D’ville, yet it was also part of the screened in porch I have now. Bert was there, young and strong and running amok, Lucas was there in his current state, as were Lilith and Sam. I’ve never dreamed of all four of them together at one time.

So the dogs are gone, off running in the back yard, and the room is the screened in porch yet it is also the laundry room. It’s a mismatched dreamscape and I love how my mind did this. There’s clutter in the room and it’s not the clutter I own. I like this, too, the way my mind will fill in the blank areas of a dreamscape and make them seem more real. There are old wooden chairs that are stacked together. There are hand tools gathering dust. There is a hammer and a wood chisel. Also very real is the three feet long Canebreak Rattlesnake that is lying still on a work table. I back away from it very quickly, totally surprised that it is here. I have to keep the dogs away from it, this is my very first thought, but just as I am looking for the dogs, to see where they all might be, there is a very large Eastern King Snake, and it attacks the rattlesnake and they roll over onto the floor. I go outside to block the dog door and make sure the mutts cannot get into the area where the snakes are. It might take a while for the King Snake to finish off the rattlesnake.

When I go back into the house an ex-girlfriend of mine is there, sitting on the sofa and she is speaking to a blonde woman I have never met. There are sometimes strangers in dreams that are familiar to me within the dream but not when I awaken, but this is someone unknown to me. I tell the two women about the snakes and they want to see the snakes. When we get to the room the King Snake is gone and the rattlesnake is still on the floor, very much alive. Once again I leave to go find the dogs and once again I am back in the living room where the two women are right where they were when we all left.
My ex was a very healthy conscious person so I am shocked and dismayed to see her smoking a cigarette. The blonde lites up too and when I ask them to stop smoking in the house my ex tells me, “I always smoked I just was able to hide it from you” and suddenly I am back in the room where the snake was. Now there is a Grey Rat Snake where the rattlesnake was and it has a lump in it as if it has just eaten a meal. Rat snakes do not eat rattlesnakes but I want to believe it has just eaten the rattlesnake. I still cannot find the dogs.
When I go back to the living room I tell the people there, and there are several people there, a snake has gotten into the house and some of them run for the door while others help me look. My ex and the blonde both are indifferent to the people and the snake and continue to sit and talk, and smoke.

I go up a small stairway and the snake is right there by my foot and I lash out at it, trying to keep it from striking. The snake is able to dodge my foot, coil it’s neck and sink its fangs into my leg.

I wake up with Lucas snoring at my side.

Take Care,



  1. Snakebite is very rarely fatal but is nearly always nasty.
    -Mike Firesmith

  2. Are the Exes and venomous snakes hard to keep straight? ;o)