Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Virginia Woolfe at The Train Station

I am still offered an  unexpected pleasure...

Perhaps you could tell me exactly what you think you are doing?

What I was doing? - I went to look for you and you weren't there.

You were working in the garden, I didn't wish to disturb you.

You disturb me when you disappear!

I didn't disappear.

I went for a walk. - A walk?

Is that all? Just a walk...

Virginia, we must go home now, Nelly is cooking dinner...

She's already had a difficult day. It's just  our obligation to eat Nelly's dinner.

There's no such obligation.

No such obligation exists!

Virginia, you have an obligation to your sanity. -I've endured this custody!

Endured this imprisonment. -Oh, Virginia!

I am attended by doctors.

Everywhere I'm attended by doctors  who inform me of my own interests!

They know your interests. - They do not!

They do not speak for my interests. - Virginia, I can...

I can see that it must be hard  for a woman of your...

Of what? Of my what exactly? - Of your talent

to see that she must not be  the best judge of her own condition!

Who then is a better judge?

You have a history.

You have a history of confinement. We brought you to Richmond because you may have

fits, moods, blackouts, hearing voices...

We brought you here to save you from the  inevitable damage you intended upon yourself!

You tried to kill yourself twice.

I live daily with that threat.

We set up...we set up  the printing press not just for...

itself...not just purely for itself

But so that you might have a ready  source of absorption and a remedy!

I need to work.

It was done for you!

It was done for your betterment!

It was done out of love!

If I didn't know you better  I would call this ingratitude!

Am I ungrateful?

You call me ungrateful!

My life has been stolen from me.

I am living in a town I have  no wish to live in. I am living...

a life I have no wish to live.

How did this happen?

It is time for us to  move back to London.

I miss London.

I miss London life.

This is not you speaking, Virginia.

This is an aspect of your illness... It's me, it is my voice!

Not you... -It's mine, mine only...

It's a voice you hear. -It is not! It is mine.

I am dying in this town.

If you were thinking clearly, Virginia. you'd recall it was London that brought you low.

If I were thinking clearly?

If I were thinking clearly... -We brought you to Richmond to give you peace.

If I were thinking clearly, Leonard, I would tell you:

that I wrestle alone...

in the dark, in the deep  dark and that only I can know...

only I can understand  my own condition.

You live with the threat, you tell me. You live with the threat of my extinction.

Leonard, I live with it too.

This is my right.

It is the right of every human being.

I choose not the suffocating  anesthetic of these suburbs...

but the violent jolt of the capital, that is my choice!

The meanest patient, just even  the very lowest, is allowed some say

in the matter of her own prescription.

Thereby she defines her humanity.

I wish, for your sake, Leonard, that I were happy in this quietness

but if it is choice between Richmond and death...

I choose death.

Very well, London then.

We go back to London.

Are you hungry?

I'm a little hungry myself.

Come along.

You cannot find peace by avoiding life, Leonard.


  1. "They do not speak for my interests."
    The most beautiful, heart wrenching scene.

    1. She got the Oscar for that one scene. I believe that.