Saturday, October 4, 2014

Character Actors

The character actor, the comic relief, the used car salesman, the Indian Chief.
The famous people who played one D, the people as props, in every movie.
Shot by the thousands, first to be killed, always the clueless, they filled every bill.
Never the main and never co-starred, the man in the corner or the end of the bar.
The woman under dressed and slightly behind, the girl whose photos and heart was all mine.
The Japanese general who was so sharply dressed, could never evolve but only regress.
Our culture defined by heroes and villains, but even more so by those who were willing,
To play the part of that as expected, to be seen and not heard, and always rejected.
The character actor was who we all were, never a purebred and always the cur.

The idea that matters and the looks that is best, defined who was better and who was the rest. 


  1. Great stuff. My wife and I watch a lot of old television and movies, and those old character actors popped up time after time after time, always playing the same roles, yet playing the part with the same aplomb as the Oscar-contender.

    1. I know what you mean. "Cool Hand Luke" was full of character actors and they MADE that movie!

  2. Damn straight, the character actors made the movies sing. they were the hero/leading man' wingman, comic relief, set-up and punch line. The women made every movie 300% better.
    I often avoided movies when the entire cast got down to less than six, as they were always heavy psychological dramas, and no fun at all.
    Life without Ned Beatty squealing like a pig, or Marjorie Main cutting up Pa Kettle just wouldn't be cool.

    1. Squeal like a pig will be a cultural reference in The South for many more years than it should, really, but ...