Friday, October 3, 2014

The Warrior Girl Who Guards My Home

Warrior Girl is convinced that she has driven the Wild Canines from our property with her fierceness. After all, she made challenge to them, she dared them to remain, and they have fled. Does not one plus one equal two? Warrior Girl is more assertive after The Battle of the Darkest Night. She is also more interested in the window while the lights are out. As an extra added layer of security she wants to sleep next to my head, so as better to protect me. Some might say that Lilith wants to be closer to me because she is afraid of the Coyotes but I know her well. This is someone who feels as if she’s really made a difference in the household and she likes it.

The clash between rival packs has touched Lucas as well. He now alerts whenever Lilith goes to the window. He’s not as antsy about the whole thing as she is but he’s not letting her get another big jump on him when it comes to getting out of the house. When he sits up I can feel the muscles in his body tightening up as he gets ready to launch. Even Sam is paying attention to what Lilith is doing when she’s on lookout.

The Coyotes, however, have split.

If you have never dealt with Coyotes before they really like the domestic house cat. I mean, they really like them, as in yummy. They’ve been known to lure dogs away from their homes and kill them. Mostly the dogs killed by Coyotes are smaller dogs and they usually are alone, but if the Coyotes are great enough in number then even the largest dog will have some issues. If you’ve never seen two dogs (or more) hunt as a pack then I suggest that you realize that they are greater than the sum of their parts. Coyotes aren’t large but they do hunt for a living. Killing is what they do to survive.  I vowed to live in peace with nature when I moved out here thirteen years ago, and I have done a remarkable job of not killing anything living creature that has crossed my path. But nature never made the same pact with me. I still have to keep one eye on what’s going on around me. Especially when I can’t see it. I have no interest in trying to keep the Coyotes as neighbors. I want them outside of shotgun range. That’s a good measuring stick, actually.

As far as I can tell, and I may be dead wrong about this, the Coyotes move around this area, living in one section of the county and then moving to another, so as not be ever be pinned down to one location. There for a while everyone I knew was hearing Coyotes at night and there was finally a concentrated effort to ambush them but that effort failed. Yet after the failed attack the Coyotes seemed to have disappeared for a very long time. When their numbers were at the peak, it was an awesome display of noise at night. They would yammer and howl and it seemed as if there were hundreds of them, nay, maybe even thousands for the sounds that Coyotes make travel not only through the air but along the ground as well. Their prey animals cannot tell how many there are or exactly where they are or where they are going. It’s a barrage of sounds, much like static, that both allows hearing and confounds it at the same time. Some animals flee in terror and are most easily see or heard. Some freeze in fear and are then trapped by the pack as they close in.

And some animals are Warrior Girls and they will come out of the blackest night and kick your ass.

Generally speaking, most wild animals aren’t looking for a fight. They want an easy kill, a quick meal, and some sort of assurance they won’t be injured. Being injured means no hunting and no running from being hunted. Physical conflict is an investment that has to pay positive dividends and losses might be fatal. A pack has an advantage of being able to take care of their own, yet at the same time leadership is defined by strength and vitality. An injured Alpha might not survive the next challenge. An injured female might not survive to give birth. If too many members of the pack get hurt the very existence of the pack is imperiled. A smaller pack cannot go to war with us and hope that it will end well. Even a larger pack has to stop and consider the worst case if they close in on a pack that clearly has some expectations of not only winning the battle but ending the war.

At the end of the day, Warrior Girl and I see eye to eye on how to deal with the Coyotes. I’m not about to turn her loose on them but I’m sure as hell not letting them get close enough to us so that might one night be an option. If they think for a moment that I’m not going to go into the woods after them they’ll be stunned at how fast and how far I can go, and what I can do when I get there.

Peace is not granted to those who prepare for war. I cannot make ready to go into the woods at night after the Wild Canines and think it will end well. Accidents happens. Weird things happen in the dark. The woods are unpredictable. And if there are more of them than I think then I do not want to be alone and in the dark with them. So very much can go so very wrong so very quickly in this, I know. Yet this is knowledge the Coyotes have also. They cannot hope that this will end well for them if they create war against us.

The more stillness that returns to the night the more I will believe they have heard the voice of the Lilith and understood her meaning. They have to know by volume alone, Lucas is more than a match for three of them, at least. I hope they can tell I have no designs on hunting ground past the pond but nothing can stop me from it if I choose.

I still live in peace with nature. It remains to be seen if nature will live in peace with us.

Take Care,



  1. Replies
    1. I'm not sure all she said was heard but anyone who heard any of it had to believe she was deadly serious.

  2. I'm not sure I'd walk into the dark with coyotes, sounds nuts - with or without your dogs. But you have a better understanding... and there's the shotgun, too.
    I like when you share stories like this. Thanks, Mike!

    1. Scoakat, it's never a question of what I want to do in regard to these animals it's only a question of what will work best. Ever see a house cat stand its ground against an oncoming dog? Same theory, really, they assume because I am not afraid there has to be a reason I'm not afraid, and there is the shotgun. They know what it is. They aren't likely to stick around. I went over the fence today and peed on some trees around the pond. They know what I'm saying.

  3. I assume you have the smaller Coyotes that migrated across the country, the same as we have in western PA. Eastern PA, NY and New England have the coyotes that migrated across Canada and interbred with Wolves. They’re bigger but mostly under 40 lbs.

    Around here they've taken the place of the Red Foxes as both like living close to people, who have the habit of providing free meals.
    “…there was finally a concentrated effort to ambush them but that effort failed. Yet after the failed attack the Coyotes seemed to have disappeared for a very long time.”
    I wonder if during the worry/plan/attack period people were unconsciously cleaning up their act, providing less free meals, also?

    Hunters who have survived have the uncanny ability to calculate when the food value in the prey, is less than the energy it takes to catch it. They are always looking for the easy way as opportunists live better than killers. Politicians and hit men, for example.

    1. I have often wondered about where the pack went. My thought are it went South and east away from people or east to where there are people they haven't fed on.

      The people around here also started paying attention to what they were leaving around, like deer carcasses. They started burning them which was something else to write about.