Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day of the Dead: Benny's Epilogue

“What’s left?”
We lost all the satellites, the Space Station, most aircraft, all the navel craft larger than a rowboat and nearly every large telescope on the planet. There were pretty systematic about getting rid of our eyes and ears. I’m not sure about civilian watercraft but as far as aircraft goes there isn’t anything over the size of a crop duster to be found in the air that I know of. But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is people. Most major cities were reduced to populations well under ten thousand. Someone figured it out before one of those things found out where we were, and they were killing a billion people a month. That’s thirty-three million a day or so.

Did you see the internet video of what happened in that slum in India? They were popping out of the air so fast it was impossible to count them. They herded the people straight into the city and there’s no telling how many people were trampled to death. There were tens of thousands of those things, and it was like watching the end of the world. What happened in Tokyo was nothing less than their way of telling us we had lost the war before we were in it. They herded hundreds of thousands of people into downtown Tokyo, there was a solid wall of those things, three or four deep, and they created a ring a hundred miles around the city and just kept making it tighter and tighter. The Japanese military, they tried to fight them, but they just made it worse. Every time they managed to kill one of the things all they did was unleash that hellish smoke that killed everything it touched. The feeds from downtown were like scenes from Hell, or some kind of nightmare. The creatures herded more and more people into the highest buildings then they started clearing out the floors from the bottom up, slowly, methodically, until there were people throwing themselves off the top floor, or being pushed off, or being trampled to death. This went on for hours and hours and hours. There were people jumping from every window and every floor of all the buildings and more and more of those things kept popping out of the air. Someone on the bottom floor got a clip out of the blood pouring out of the elevator shafts in the lobby. I’ll never forget that.

It’s hard to imagine how many of them there were. We got reports of small towns, little places with no more than a thousand people, getting hit by herds of these things that just passed through, killed people, and then they went on to the next wide spot in the road. It’s like they already knew where we were going to try to hide.

 A lot of people thought it was the end and hell, it still might be.

They hit where the people were. China saw vast herds of them, like the migrating wildebeests, they went through and trampled the infrastructure to dust and then circled back and cut the refugees down like somebody mowing grass. Did you notice how they just ignored water? They swam through it, walked under it, whatever they wanted. Fire didn’t touch them. Falling didn’t bother them at all. They came out of air crashes looking shiny and new.

They didn’t kill anything else, other than the smoke being poisonous to everything. They didn’t go after any other species but us. They didn’t glance at the animals on farms or stockyards. Did you see the video of them walking through zoos like tourists? They seemed to be fascinated by other animals but they never went after anything but us. Why do you think that it is?

Never mind. It doesn’t matter. As far as we can tell there isn’t a city in the states with a population over ten grand. The electronic infrastructures seems intact in some places, hell San Francisco still had internet service even at the end. But I just got back from a tour of the California coast; I didn’t see anybody. Maybe they’re still hiding but there’s a lot of empty space out there right now. That’s what worries me. There might not be enough people left to start over. It doesn’t matter if they hit us again or not. How in the hell do we recover from this?

There isn’t a protocol for this. We’re going to be reduced to a feudal society ran by what’s left of the military chain of command until something else evolves out of it. You know what’s really funny? The way they went after the houses of worship, the churches, temples, synagogues, cathedrals, no religion was spared. They had Vatican City burned to ashes. From what I’ve read and seen, they went about it as systematically as they did everything else. I understand why they would take out all the military bases and people, but why do you think they went after faith?

“To make sure none was left?”

That was my guess. You checking out? I’m not going to try to live through this mess. The nine millimeter solution is calling me.

“No, I grew up on a farm. I’m going to try to help rebuild.”

Good luck.

“You too”


  1. Oh no, they left us with no way to make war, or meddle with the rest of the universe, what kind of society could we possibly build.
    The only thing I’m sure of is we’ll need more people so I’ll get on that right away.

    1. Bruce if they left two people alive and a stick nearby they left enough for a war.

  2. I do not share your pessimism. Yes, humanity has been dealt a grievous blow. Humans, however, are mean. We hunt for sport, after all. Only the tightest of social controls prevent a constant stream of blood in our streets and byways, and these controls don't always work. We fight at the drop of a hat, many times for no apparent good reason. We fight for land, and resources, and theology and ideology. Sometimes we fight because we're bored.

    I suspect that, while it might take time for the human race to regroup, some leader would emerge, some Alexander or Theodore Roosevelt or Churchill. Some leader who starts the hard work of repairing our planet and rebuilding the population. (We're also extremely prolific, don't forget). And when the planet is back in order we start the hard work of heading to the stars, and developing the tools to allow us to treat with the races we find there. To treat from a position of strength. Because there's one race we're especially looking for; the race that visited our planet all those centuries before. We're going to be visiting them this time, and they'll be the recipients of a hard lesson. That you don't fuck with humans.

    1. I like that idea, Roadgeek. May I write a part where this happens?

    2. You may. I'll be looking forward to reading your take on my suggestion.

  3. This is the perfect ending to a great horror story. Every participant, every reader, gets to fantasize if we end the fight or fight to our end.