Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Dreams of a Cottonmouth in an iPhone and a Fiend in a Filing Cabinet.

So last night was pretty damn weird, to say the very least. For those of you who look for symbolic meaning in dreams, strap on, hold on, and get some popcorn. I dreamed there was this very large Cottonmouth in my yard that had some very unusual markings. This guy showed up on a four wheeler and told me he was tracking this snake and it was a very rare subspecies of Cottonmouth and he hoped no one would kill it.

There was a series of people who I knew in the dream, maybe four or five, that came over one at a time and I had to pretend I didn’t see the snake which was concealed in some bushes. Then, suddenly, I was at my friend, Elbow’s place and the snake, all six or seven feet of him, had managed to hide in my cell phone. Yes, the very large snake had hidden himself in an iPhone 4.  So he gets out of the phone and hides in Elbow’s house and we try to find him. The house does have a lot of doors and rooms but in the dream there were many more and we were having a very hard time trying to keep her pack of small dogs, which actually belong to another friend of mine, and the snake in separate places.  I finally chase him outside and he disappears into some underbrush.

I woke up and thought it weird I would have this dream and then drifted off to sleep again.

In this dream I was riding with a coworker and we were going to look at something out in the middle of nowhere. He was telling me how this very rich man had moved a property line by filing some paperwork in the courthouse and had stolen someone’s house from them. We rode by the house and it was very strange because the property line was quite visible if someone had drawn it out in black paint.

Suddenly I was in a maze made out of stone and it was a scene right out of “The Hunger Games” because there were people there trying to kill me. One of them was hiding in, of all places, a filing cabinet. I pushed it over so he could get out and someone with a hammer tried to attack me but I talked him out of it by offer him an alliance. We were going through the maze and he disappeared and I found my way out and was totally lost on a road I had never seen before.

Tyger started barking at the thunder so I work up and did not dream again.

Take Care,


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