Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Of Moon and Mutts.

The moonlight pours into the windows and Tyger Linn thinks there is something out there, because she can see out there. Bert did this and Sam did too, but I think Sam did it because Bert did. Bert was a Moon Mutt, one of those dogs highly affected by moonlight, and Tyger Linn seems to want to walk that same path. There isn’t anything to be done for it. They will do what they will do and all I can do is facilitate it. At least she doesn’t go thrashing around in the water like Bert did and I am thankful for that. There is a lot less of Tyger Linn than there was of Bert and that also, is a blessing of sorts.

Tyger Linn still has some anger issues. She cannot seem to separate the idea that she can tell one of her sibling to back off, or have one of her siblings tell her to back off, without a fight breaking out. And she can’t separate the idea of a fight breaking out that isn’t an all-out fight, which she will lose against either of the older and stronger dogs. So far she hasn’t tempted Lilith to kill her, and that’s a sign of intelligence, but she’s clashed with Lucas twice. Lucas has been around for a while and his years of keeping Sam at arm’s length during fights has taught him how to wear someone down and blunt an attack without it going too far. Tyger Linn is learning that I react poorly to fights. But it has created a very interesting twist on puppy politics.

Last night I caught Lucas provoking Tyger Linn. This isn’t the first time I’ve caught him at it, but this is the first time he’s taken it this far. Lucas knows that if Tyger Linn starts a fight then I’ll kick her off the bed and make her sleep on the floor. This will leave more room on the bed for Lucas and he can sleep closer to me. Tyger Linn likes to sleep next to me so she tries very hard not to be provoked. But Lucas pushed her with his side last night and she tensed up at him. He then poked her with his nose, hard, and pushed her again.  Tyger Linn saw me watching and she ran over to me to tell me that Lucas was trying to start a fight and Lucas came over to plead his case that he was not trying to start a fight. But I think he was. He acted guilty.

Compared to her one hundred and twenty pound brother, Tyger Linn, at forty pounds, is a small dog. She is also very hard and compact. There isn’t any spare meat on this animal at all. Late last night the Coyotes got cranked up and out of the door flew the Girl Dogs with Lucas bringing up the rear. I’m not real sure what the Coyotes think they’ll get if they tempt those two into becoming a team but I do know they won’t like it. Lilith screams defiance at them but Tyger Linn doesn’t make a sound. Her body posture tells me that she’s ready for a fight. Tyger Linn has never heard a Coyote before but she does understand what’s happening here. No growling, no barking, no lectures on trespassing from Tyger Linn. Come, do not come, fight, do not fight, but don’t stand around talking about it. The Coyotes, who have also walked this path before, dissolve into the darkness and moonlight silently. As disconcerting as it is to have Warrior Girl berating them, the scent of the Silent One has to weigh heavy on their minds. Lucas and I both pee on things in the dark, marking territory and defining our world, moonlit as it is.  

Tyger Linn can’t sleep and neither can I. The moonlight slowly fades, the L Hounds sleep deeply, but Tyger Linn stays focused. What in the hell is out there, she doesn’t know, this is her first trip into Coyote Clashing, but there is no fear in this one. Maybe it’s a defining quality of the Pibbles, but Lucas is likewise unafraid. Bert was always ready for a fight when it came to his cousins, and even Sam brayed at them, full of bad intent and murder. Yet Lilith and Tyger Linn both seem to be more visibly upset at the trespass. Lilith gives voice to her emotions, loud, shrill, and totally committed to the idea that they shall not pass. Tyger Linn was bowstring taut and ready without a word. I’ve never seen a dog so tense and yet so very silent. This is dangerous in ways that most people do not realize; if you cannot see her coming and you cannot hear her coming you will only know she is there when she arrives. Nothing I have seen from this animal makes me think the Coyotes will like this.

 But Tyger Linn stays put. She rests beside my head, curled up tightly, but with her head up, ears up and alert. She does not growl at the wild canines but remains vigilant. This may very well the first place she has ever had to call home and she is ready to defend it in the only manner available to her. It is interesting to see that as much as she interacts with Lucas, and almost never with Lilith, that it is Lilith she follows and allows to lead her when things get tense. As Lilith yowled at the Coyotes Tyger Linn stayed at her side and a little to the rear, and she waited. There is more to the relationship between these two than meets the human eye.

Tyger Linn is not far removed from being a stray. You know as much about her past as I do. What happened to this little girl before she arrived here is a guess. But my guess is that somewhere down the line she had to fight like hell and got very little in return for it other than her life. Now there is a lot more worth fighting for and she is being trained not to fight at all, ever.

In the darkness of the night, and the shadows created by the moon, Tyger Linn is meeting herself every time she listens to the wild and obeys her training instead.

Take Care,



  1. The younger women of the tribe have learned from the elder since the beginning of time. I don't believe it is any different in the animal world.

    1. I think it is very interesting Tyger Linn really hasn't tried Lilith's temper. She seems fearless of all things, yet that's a line she hasn't pushed.

    2. As simplistic as it may sound, I think it's because Tyger Linn knows that Lilith is the Alpha, the grandmother, the wise one, so to speak.

    3. It's hard to argue with the most simple answer available. Lilith is the one who leads the charge, Tyger Linn is a lot faster but she falls in behind Lilith when there's a war going on. Lilith waits for no one. Honestly, I'm happy to see the two interacting like this.