Friday, February 20, 2015

The Girl Dogs

Tyger Linn and Lilith Anne are beginning to have some sort of mutual friendly interactive relationship. Lucas gets along with everyone. He has loved the foster dogs as if they were all his kin, but Lilith has hated the fosters as if she felt her quota of attention would not be filled if she acknowledged them at any level. In good truth, Lilith has been downright hostile to any foster who dared enter her personal space. Most of them have backed away from the Pibbilated Princess and tried to stay alive as well as a good distance from Lilith. Tyger Linn is different. Tyger Linn is here to stay.

Tyger has a higher energy level than any other dog that has been around and she also has a bit of a “Me First” attitude that is running her aground with the Bringer Of Dogfood as well as Lilith. She tangled with Lucas a couple of times and came out no better for it, in great part to his patience, not her ability to tackle dogs nearly eighty pounds heavier than herself. Lilith merely snarls at Tyger Linn and that’s been all that has been said, or needed to be said. It’s very odd that Tyger Linn will try Lucas in a fight but won’t tie up with Lilith. That said, Tyger Linn and Lucas play, and play hard. Lilith and Lucas play, and play hard. But so far the playing between the two females has been very sparse and very brief.

So last night I was at the table writing and Lucas was at my side. Lilith and Tyger Linn were in the bedroom and I heard the unmistakable sound of bodies rolling on the floor, thumping as one dog pushed the other down, and the beginnings of Wild Hippo Noises. Then silence. Then more noises. I got up and crept into the bedroom to find Lilith on top of Tyger Linn, both of them in full Bitey Face Mode. I moved into the bedroom to keep an eye on things and they stopped playing in favor of lying on the bed with dad. The Law Of Unintended Consequences strikes again.

There’s a lull in the activity but Tyger Linn, gets up very nonchalantly and pads her way back into the living room. Ah, Bert tried this, Lucas tried it, and now Tyger Linn is trying it. I give her a chance to settle in then very quietly go into the living room to discover a very fast asleep Tyger Linn on the sofa, where no dogs are allowed to sleep without adult supervision or me there, too.


And she’s back on the floor in less time than it takes to type this, because she knows full well she isn’t supposed to be up there. Tyger Linn will also run for the door to be let out when being scolded but I herd her back into the bedroom. She hasn’t committed a large crime and I let her back on the bed, and she hides behind Lilith, just to be safe. Tyger will rest her head on Lilith’s back, and Lilith allows this. It’s odd that in times of peace Tyger sleeps beside Lucas yet when she’s in trouble she heads towards Lilith’s side.

Lilith takes this all in stride. I’ve never lived with a dog with as much silent patience when it comes to new dogs. Lilith despises the newcomers but until they get within growling range she doesn’t speak to them at all. I think Lilith believes that Tyger Linn is just another foster, and who can blame people for not adopting her, but she will leave like the others have, sooner or later. Yet Lilith has to admit there’s Doggie DNA involved here; they are two cut from very much the same mold. Both react strongly and swiftly to threats, real or imagined, and Tyger Linn is more than happy to allow Lilith to lead her into battle. There’s a lot to be said for Tyger demurring to Lilith when all hell breaks loose. It shows elements of both trust and respect, something Tyger Linn isn’t in the habit of acknowledging. Both are speedy dogs who are quick to the point of conflict, unerringly charging directly towards whatever it might be that is causing the problem. Both are very light footed and nimble, showing great signs of mobility at speed. This is something to consider. It’s one thing to hear Lucas the Large bumbling into war mode at a trot but quite another to have two liquid ladies weaving in and out of brush to arrive like living electricity.

I’m very curious as to how Tyger Linn is going to react to fosters. It’s going to happen, sooner or later, and I wonder if I’ll wind up having to keep them apart or if Tyger Linn will want to play with the new toy? I think she’s still a very playful little girl but she does like to play rough. That happens. Lucas and I play hard and everyone else does, too. This isn’t a household for the timid or the small. This is Big Dog Territory and if you are going to be smaller your attitude and ability has to be a little larger than life. So far, so good.

I was given Tyger Linn because she had run out of chances and run out of people willing to take that chance with her. This was not a usual foster failure in that (1) I knew I wanted her the first time I met her, and (2) she had some issues that would have made adopting her out problematic to begin with. So why did I want a dog no one else did? Because no one else did. Because people created in Tyger Linn what she is and someone had to fix what was broken. Why me? Why not! I have a secure location in the woods away from other humans and I haven’t had an escapee make it out.

For every piece in the puzzle there is another to match it, make it part of a whole, to complete the process to make the picture a little more clear than it had been. Tyger Linn is that piece of my puzzle and I am hers, too.

Stay tuned, please. This is going to be a great dog!

Take Care,


  1. Isn't the no sleeping on the sofa except when I'm here, a counterintuitive message? Wouldn't that go against the natural pattern of sleeping when you're not around and playing when you are?

    1. I don't think any message I send they are getting.