Monday, March 9, 2015

Kira the Foster Dog Arrives!

I had to get back into fostering sooner or later, and the longer I waited the more excuses I knew I would have. But each week that I dithered there was a chance a dog died because of it and finally, this weekend, I agreed to pick up a puppy in need. This is an unusual case (no! How can that be?) because the puppy in question, her name is Kira, is already promised out to a group in Orlando. She’ll be headed South in a couple of weeks.

She looked bigger in the photos online and quite frankly this is yet another case of a female who could stand to gain a few pounds. After the person, who will remain unnamed, nearly destroyed my new leash trying to get it out of a plastic tie down, Kira and I were on our way to the vet’s office. An odd odor hit me immediately. This little girl smelled like a Dog Pound. Strongly smelled like a dog pound, this little girl did. I had to ride with the windows open.

She got her first bath before she met Lilith and Tyger Linn. My truck! Alas!

Lilith hung back from the freshly washed newcomer and allowed Tyger Linn to get a good sniff. This led to the two darting back and forth for a bit then Kira decided to climb Mt Tyger. Tyger Linn was a lot more tolerant than I ever suspected she might have been. She seems to have discovered Puppy Fostering as a hobby.

Lilith did come around and exchanged smell mail with Kira. They didn’t play together but Lilith didn’t growl or snap at her, not even a little. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the great day of sunshine and warmer weather.

So this is my new foster. Kira. I’ll be trying to find her middle name soon.

Stay tuned!

Take Care,


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