Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kira is Gone.

So Kira Paige in on her way to a new home today. I didn’t have that much time with her but I know a good dog when I live with one for just a few days. The gal needs training but who among us doesn’t? Kira will prosper if she lands in a good home. I think she’s going to make someone a very good dog. The people in dog rescue are some of the most fanatical and driven when it comes to making sure the dogs they release to others are going to sleep on a bed not a concrete slab. We’re good like that.

You know why I took Kira in and so do I. It’s only been two weeks and I’m still not done with grief. It isn’t done with me. Yet I have to convince myself that life still exists outside that pain. I have to stand and deliver. I have to make sure that someone else out there gets a good dog and I have to make sure good dogs, and they are all good dogs, find homes. This is my life’s work and it will never end. I will never stop writing and I will never stop trying to find homes for dogs.

I had to take in a dog I knew was temporary and I knew wasn’t my kind of dog, and Kira was both. She’s too small to survive out at Hickory Head. She’s coyote bait waiting to happen, if they ever got past the fence. Hell, an owl or a hawk might take a shot at a dog that small. I need a dog with some mass if that dog is going to stick around. I’d like to have another hundred pounder or maybe something in the eighty pound range. I might get another Pit. What they lack in size they make up in intensity. Tempt their wrath if you dare. I’ve seen what these dogs do and whatever they do, play, jumping, running, or loving, they do with all their hearts. They have very large hearts, the Pits do. I feel safer per pound with Pits than I do with any other breed.

It’s different this time around. It’s harder, much harder, than before. Lilith is too laid back to be an affective teacher and Tyger Linn is still rough around the edges. Still, Tyger Linn loves the Puppy Kira Paige and she will be missed by everyone here. Tyger Linn revealed herself capable of true gentleness and possessing an overabundance of patience. It reminded me of when Bert first found Sam, and I was startled as to how kind Bert could be with a puppy.

That said, it is different here. I have to work harder to keep everything together with the three of them outside. Tyger Linn doesn’t realize that acceleration is the other half of the equation that equal force. She comes in at top speed and crashes into Kira Paige and to her credit, Kira Paige was learning how to duck. She was also learning that Lilith hates the fosters, at least for a while, and Kira hasn’t been here that long. Lilith has always been a little more pampered and less of a stray than Tyger Linn. Street smart and a product of deprivation, Tyger Linn likes the idea of making new friends now.

Kira is a beautiful creature. But she wasn’t Hickory Head material. Life here is a little rougher than a small dog can handle and both my girls are meaty little pibbilated girl dogs. In case you are wondering, yes, I am trying to talk myself into believing I did the right thing for the right reason at the right time. It’s like that. I think every dog, no matter who he or she might be, is in some way, family.

I’ll always do that, too.

So, we begin again. I tell you of another dog off to a new home and there’s the Purple Collar, empty again, and a bare space on the floor where a crate was, and I lost another dog today, again, and one day very soon another lost soul will sad eyes and a wagging tail will arrive.

Lost souls looking for heaven. That’s what we do. That’s who we are. The pay is pitiful, but the rewards are incredible. The hours are long but their lives are short. We lose more of them than we can ever save, but one by one, until there are none, we are Dog Rescue and we will never stop until they all come home.

Take Care,


  1. May you save and rescue loads more🐶🐶

    1. I will, and one day I will name one of them, "Janet"

  2. Sure, I'll hold your baby for you, Ma'am but won't hesitate for a second when you want it back.

    1. But she was a sweet little girl, Bruce.