Friday, April 3, 2015

Full Moon Female Mutts

The Girls have decided the full moon speaks to them. Oh, it’s not bad enough that they have suddenly become restive at midnight, oh no, but now they have teamed up against me, and they launched themselves onto the bed, each one in turn, then leapt back off again only to run to the window. Of course, Tanya the Destroyer, nestled away in the crate, begins whining to be allowed to get in on the action. So at midnight I have to get up to let the Girl Dogs greet the newly full moon.

Of course, it’s not really full until the fifth of this month and I wonder how much more of this I am going to endure. I drift off to sleep, kinda, and have an odd dream where I’m watching two people have a conversation, like I’m watching a movie, but sitting right there with the two. One man is much younger than the other man and he’s just out of jail for burglary. He’s trying to talk the older man into giving him some money. Now, the odd thing is I can read their minds, or at least their intentions, as if someone has told me what they’re saying really means. The younger man wants to lay around and play video games all day and let his mother support him. The older man is dating the younger man’s mother and has talked her into cutting him off entirely. The young man pleads for money, just to feed his two kids, he says, but the reality of his desires is money to buy pot.
The older man has a plan and a plot of his own. He hates this young man and he despises the life that he leads. He has a friend in law enforcement and knows all about the young man’s robberies and knows he’s on probation. He plans to give the younger man enough money to buy pot and booze with then have the police raid his house. Secretly, he wants the younger man back in jail because he has a crush on the wife of the younger man and plans to use his ability to support the kids as a lever to get her to have sex with him. With the younger man in jail, he plans to keep the woman kept desperate enough to be a sex toy for him.

It’s as if I can feel what each man is thinking; the younger man’s desire for self-medication to the point of oblivion is a nearly palpable thing. He needs a fix and needs it right now, in the moment, and that is where he lives. He really has no concept of responsibility and it isn’t that he doesn’t care but rather he doesn’t have the means to do anything about the situation and therefore doesn’t think about it at all, or at least he tries not to. The older man is a long range planner and savors the idea of ruining the younger man, jealous of his youth and envious of the younger woman he sees as his for the taking.

There’s some real oddities here. The older man has researched the situation very thoroughly and has discovered the younger man isn’t the biological son of the woman he’s dating. She married the younger man’s father when the younger man was fifteen and divorced him two years later, but the younger man stayed on with the woman because his father wouldn’t support him. The two children the younger man keeps telling people he needs money to feed aren’t his either. They’re from a previous mistake the woman made, even though she is only nineteen.

There’s choking sounds. The dream fades away and Tanya the Destroyer is barfing up what looks like a hay bale. She apparently ate enough grass to make her sick and now I have to clean out her crate. Where are Lilith and Tyger Linn? It’s two now, and they come wandering back in to see what all the fuss is about.

I clean up the mess and get Tanya back into the crate. Lilith and Tyger Linn decide to stay with me. Tyger Linn lies down on top of me, with her chin on the side of my neck. I know I cannot sleep with her there but I like hearing Tyger Linn breathe. I stay still long enough for her to drift off to sleep, he breath becoming deeper and deeper, more rhythmic. I roll over gently and both girls spring to life and race towards the back door as if what I did was some secret signal to storm the gates.


Out they go, but in stays Tanya. I toss and turn for a bit but the dream sticks in my mind. I start fleshing out the story a bit. The older woman’s name is Karen. She works at the bank and is trying desperately to keep her job but her son jeopardizes her livelihood with his criminal behavior. The older man’s name is Carl. He’s a retired cop who got out through a back injury in a car wreck but his health is good enough now to do odd jobs on the side. The young man’s name is Gene. His wife, or at least the woman he lives with, is Eve.

So Carl tries to get his friend in the department to bust Gene. They talk about what they can do and it will be incredibly easy. Carl decides to wait, to make sure that it’s done right, and he drops in on Gene’s trailer. Gene and his friends are drunk, playing a video game and Carl loves it. There’s the odor of pot in the air and the kids are wandering through a maze of drunk post-adolescent males. Eve is clearly pissed about Gene’s behavior and Carl sympathizes. He is smitten with Eve. She’s nineteen, lanky and full breasted, with long black hair. Carl offers to take her shopping for food and Gene doesn’t notice they’re gone. During shopping trip Carl decides he can do better than just keep Eve as a pet. Now he decides that he can take her as his own and live happily ever after.

The plot changes.

Tanya whines pitifuly and loudly and I realize I was asleep. It’s four now. I get up and let Tanya out of the crate and she leaps up on the bed with me. She cuddles with me, biting my nose, pawing my face, but learning slowly that these two things are best left undone. Tanya snuggles against me, pressing her body into mine and is delighted with some individual attention.  The coffee maker kicks in and the Two Moonies return from their journey. It’s time to get up and feed these Lunatics. The plot will have to wait.

Take Care,


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