Saturday, May 2, 2015

Adoption Event Four!

Tanya wasn’t about to let me sleep in this morning and I wasn’t trying. I got her up and wore her out so she would be easier to handle at the Adoption Event. This would be my fourth try in finding Tanya The Destroyer a new home. For breakfast she had kibble, a roll of toilet paper, and a small mirror I got out of her mouth at the last moment. Keep the bathroom door closed, Mike, keep the bathroom door closed. It’s not rocket science, it’s a door, with a knob, and it swings towards you when pulled.

Tanya is a work in progress. The first adoption event went poorly because she was so vocal. The Back In Black Event was even worse because it was crowded and Tanya was really vocal. The advent of the squirt bottle brought a lot of the vocalizations to a complete stop and now she’s pretty laid back, maybe too laid back, when she’s at an event. Tanya does not like being there. I think she realizes I do not like being there either. It is very noisy. It is very crowded. And that’s out of my zone.

On the upside, there are some people in dog rescue that are just this side of superheroes. Some of them have so many fosters they aren’t sure how many they have at any given moment. Some have entire litters of puppies. But all of these people are burning away their weekend trying to help get dogs into homes and honestly, it’s humbling to watch so many handle so much when I’ve got my hands full with this one little girl dog.

There was puppy hit by a car and his owner took him to the vet. The vet told the guy what it would cost and it would include amputating the dog’s leg. The guy simply walked away from his dog and left him there. The Dog People stepped up and stepped in and rescued that puppy. I watched today as someone came in and fell in love with him. Tonight he’ll sleep in his new home with his new family and he will live happily ever after. That’s what we do. We take companion animals who been throw away, discarded, abandoned, abused neglected and we take them out of hell and find people who can make their lives heaven.

The little Dachshund mix, Gabby, had been around forever. I tried to get a friend of mine to adopt her. Gabby was a sweet girl but no one had offered her their heart. She went today. I saw Gabby with her new people and I know how hard it is for her foster family to let go. But this is what we do.

You should go to an event. Just help out, put crates together, walkthe dogs once an hour, help make sure they have water, and just get into a conversation with some of these rescue people. It’s like talking to a war vet or someone who has ran the Appalachian Trail at night, or someone who has spent a great deal of their spare time saving a lot of dogs. They are awesome people.

Tanya is getting better at telling me when she’s just cranky at having to be there and when she has to urinate. There’s a tone of voice she uses that tell me that I better get her paws on some grass soon or there’s going to be a wet crate bottom. She went twice today and both times it seemed as if she really had to go. We also reached the milestone of Tanya having a bowel movement while on the leash. Unfortunately, she did it in front of the Old Navy store right next to PetSmart. Oh, hi everyone, we’re just talking a dump here, never mind us, ha ha. I didn’t have any baggies with me because Tanya never goes except at home so I had to take her back into PetSmart, get her settled in, find some bags, and go back out and clean up the mess before some stepped in it. A woman pushing a baby stroller headed for the mess and all I could do is stand there and watch in horror. Against all odd, all the wheels and both her shoes totally missed the pile, which was, by the way, quite impressive as far as these things go.

There were some interested parties and some people who just want to see dogs. We get a lot of people who are looking for a dog but they are looking for that dog and will know when they find it. Someone came in with a Weimaraner and it broke my heart all over again. That face and those eyes that look as if we had met before. But they were only passing through. I would have adopted that dog on the spot and left and never looked back. I had to step back and get a grip on myself and nearly did not.

The morning came and went, I felt comfortable getting out for a few moments to go get something to eat and Tanya was good while I was gone. (Thanks Hayley!) She’s getting used to the events and she’s getting used to there being strange people and strange dog around her. Most of the people are very nice and most of the dogs aren’t reactive. Tanya didn’t growl or lunge at any other dogs today and she was quiet, well, mostly she was anyway.

After the event, Tanya seemed really glad to get away from the place and I was, too. It wears me out being there but I am getting better at dealing with it. The people help, the Dog People help, it’s a nonstop conversation as to who was adopted, who is pregnant, who found what dog where, and most of all, how everyone, dogs and fosters, are doing. People come, dogs are adopted, but there are always more than we can handle. We need more fosters, we need people to spay and neuter, and we need people to stop abusing the animals who love them.

Take Care,



  1. This makes me sad. Tanya may not have her forever home, yet, but she does have a home with you. More than she has ever had.

    1. If only she got along better with the other dogs, Melinda.

  2. You make a brave noise about how you're going to adopt that dog out, but you know and I know you will probably end up keeping Tanya.

    1. If only she got along better with the other dogs, Roadie!

  3. Or find a family that only wants one dog so she doesn't have to.