Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pulling The Plug On Windstream

In the days to come you’re going to see a lot less of me that you’ve been seeing, at least on Facebook. Tagging me isn’t going to attract my attention like it has and sending me messages isn’t going to elicit an immediate response. For better or worse and ever it may bring, I am going off the grid for a while, maybe longer.

It’s been a problem getting internet service out here ever since dial-up was installed. In rainy weather the dial up would stop working, they would show up three days later when the sun was shining and tell me nothing was wrong. When they went over to DSL it was heaven on earth, except in rainy weather, and here more recently, all the time. It’s always been a bit spotty and there have always been certain times of the day and on weekends when everything has been really slow but I could always count on that time before five in the morning as being decent enough to, at least, read my email. For the last week or so it’s been a real struggle to get anything at all done and I’ve pretty much had enough.

I have this deep seated suspicion that Windstream would rather me not be a customer than keep me. After all, I am the last person on the last line in the entire state and just to get to where I am they have to hope the driveway is passable, which it is as long as you are not in a hurry. I suspect they’ve done the math and they figure they’re going to lose more time trying to find a way to pipe the internet to my house than to keep it sputtering along until I give up.

So…I give up.

The things that I spent a lot of my time doing on the Internet aren’t exactly my more productive hours. I have a weekly column I write at Bits and Pieces every Friday that would take about two minutes to send off. I like to keep in touch with Dog Rescue in this area but that should devour an hour a day. All in all, the internet is for me, in its present state, a waste of time and money. I have to plan to be able to go somewhere there is free wi-fi, like Starbucks or the local library, if I really have to get anything done. I spend more time calling customer service, unplugging, waiting two minutes, plugging it back in, waiting to see if there is an outage in my area and seeing what the chicken bones scattered across a tabletop tells them than I do getting things done.

I did manage to get in ten minutes yesterday watching the world’s largest line of dominoes fall.

See the problem?

So as much as I’m going to miss FB and keeping up with who is pissed off about what and keeping tabs on what part of the world Taylor Swift has taken over recently, I’m cutting the cord when I get home today. They said they’d go out there, again, and look at my connection, again, but we’ve been down this road before, Neo, and you know where it ends.

I remember the first time I got internet service in my first house way back in 1997. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen in my life. But I never knew how totally weird it would get, how totally awesome some of the things I have seen would be, some of the people I would meet, or how much time could go into the net, even when it’s not working. I’ve spent more time trying to get it to work than it’s spent working. It’s like watching a bird go back to an empty feeder day after day after day and wondering how stupid that bird can be.

I have to admit that I am going to miss my daily comic strips.

The upside to this is I’m not going to spend as much time playing on the internet when I’m at home. This usually translates into more writing. The Story of the Murderous Banker intrigues me greatly. It may sound to you a bit odd but I have no idea how the story ends. I have to work on that. I know how the murder occurs and when the murder occurs, and even who goes to prison for the murder but I had no idea what happens after that and maybe nothing has to happen after that, you know?

It’s easy to get caught up catching up with what’s happening online. In Dog Rescue, there is always a dog that’s missing, escaped, needs a home, needs a foster, and never a day goes by I’m not tagged in a FB post that involves dogs. Not that I mind at all but at the same time, just stopping to look at tags causes stopping to look at other things as well. SQUIRREL!

I’ve had an internet connection in my house since I’ve lived here and it’s going to be strange not to have one. True enough, I can still do email, text, and that kind of stuff, but my phone is small and my eyes are weak. The email address I have with my service is the only one some people have ever known me by. It’s going to be odd to let that go, too.

This is the age of letting go and moving on, it would seem. This is the Year of Loss. But there is never anything really lost for we never own anything but the current moment that we live, and that too, very soon ends, whether we like it or not.

The money I save on not paying for internet may mean more money for tattoos and that is always a good thing. It’s time to be inked again. If I go under the needle soon I will let you know.

Take Care,



  1. I'm all for the inking cause!!! You will be missed though! xo

    1. FB will run just as smoothly without me! But thanks!