Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Eyes of the Dream

The dream began with a makeshift bridge over a small waterway. There was a crocodile, ridiculously large, that lurked about it and the makeshift bridge was considered only partially safe. I tried to cross the bridge and the crocodile rose up to grab me but instead its head became wedged between two supports. The bridge was ripped away from the banks of the waterway but the water was too shallow for the crocodile to submerge while wearing the bridge. People were shouting for me to jump and swim for it while other warned me to stay put. I looked into the eyes of the crocodile and saw a very evil type of humor looking back at me, as if the dream itself was totally happy with my predicament.

The dreamscape shifted. I was at work but I have no idea what sort of work I was doing. I had to get my employees together and couldn’t find them. I saw one leaving in a truck and I realized that we were working out of an old gas station. I went to the side of the building where I saw him leave and there was a door. The building was totally white with no contrast of any sort. The door was white and everything glistened as if it had just rained. I put my hand on the door to open it and the doorknob was wet in a gross sort of way. I opened the door and it looked like a bathroom inside, or where a bathroom might have been, but there was no sink or toilet. There was nothing to indicate there had ever been anything installed in the room at all. It was smaller than any room I had been in, as far as bathrooms go, and it looked like a very small closet. Above the door was greenish frosted glass paneled that could be cranked open with a long rod. The glass above the door is from a place in my life that I cannot remember and I wonder why it’s in a dream now.

The dreamscape shifted again, and this time I was outside of a large building with someone from work with me. He was running a test of some sort that made no sense at all to me and the way he was running it made even less sense. There were work things going on that were all skewed and backwards as far as order of operations go and the machinery was very strange. Everywhere I looked there was all manners of machines I couldn’t identify but the people on the machines were familiar. He dreamscape shifted rapidly and without warning; we were all in a parking lot beside a school, we were on a narrow street in the city near run down building, we were back at a large building were we had begun and there were many people walking toward the building.

I realized I was nude but it didn’t bother me. (It usually doesn’t in dreams or in real life)

The dreamscape shifted to the inside of the building. There was a trial going on but the judge hadn’t arrived yet. A female coworker of mine was there and she told me the judge might not like me showing up nude. We went to this room to the side of the courtroom where there were piles and piles of clothing all jumbled up together. The judge came in and sat down while I was hunting for clothes and he engaged my coworker in small talk. I found a pair of jeans that fit, some shoes and socks, and a shirt that was actually mine years ago, a running shirt from a run called the “Hog Wild Run” in Dothan Alabama. It was a five mile race and I remember the last part of the course included a very steep incline into the parking lot.

But then the dreamscape shifted again but I was wearing the same shirt. I was with a friend of mine and we were in a gas station that was also a store. We were buying cases of soft drinks, which I do not drink, and for some reason the owner was there speaking to us about the ingredients of the drinks. But then I was outside of the store pumping gas into a SUV I had never seen and the pump counter was delineated in fractions of gallons. The pump was working so slowly, as in a ten of a gallon every few seconds that I gave up and hung the hose back up.

The dreamscape shifted again and this time there was nothing familiar. I don’t have any words for what was there but the same people in the last dreamscape were there but nothing else was the same. I felt very lost and totally confused. A black German Shepherd walked in front of me and I looked at the dog’s face and it had the same eyes as the crocodile did.

Then I was back at the gas pump as if I had never left. I went inside and the owner was really mad at me and demanded that I pay her back the money that I owed her, I told her that I did not owe her any money and she threatened to call the police. My friend who was there told me that I did owe her money because I had stocked the drink machines incorrectly and it had caused her to lose money. Of course, I had no memory of stocking any machines at all and said so.

I know I know the woman in question, the owner of the store. She was someone from my past and even as I write this I can very clearly see her face in my memory. There was something between us, some tension and unresolved issues, as if we had been caught in the act of love making on the beach and hadn’t the opportunity to finish what we started. But in the dream she was wearing very dark sunglasses, the type with dark green lens. I handed her a small roll of bills and she smiled and started to take the sunglasses off. For some reason this made me thing of the crocodile and the GSD and I knew her eyes would have that wicked glint in them.

I awoke and dreamed no more.

Take Care,


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