Saturday, August 22, 2015

Marco The Wolf

Marco Ladakh has decided that his inner wolf wants him to spend the night sleeping under the pine tree in the backyard. He has a soft bed on the screened in porch, right beside his sister Greyson Charlotte, but no. The wolf inside wants a tree outside and the woods and so Marco sleeps in the open like a stray would if he had to do so. This has led to the Resident Dogs to go to the window at night and peer into the darkness as if they have never heard of such a thing much less bore witness to it.

Marco has taken to the woods like a fish finally discovering water. True enough, it’s barely over an acre of woods, but there are trees, a lot of trees, and there is a giant tree, and there is underbrush and there is the scent of animals, birds, and creatures Marco only has instinctual memories of in his mind. Marco hits the woods when I walk with him and his nose his glued to the ground. He’s drinking up as much of the wild as he can right now and he likes it. Part Black Lab and part Weimaraner, Marco has all the tools he needs to hunt, and he always has, he’s just lack a place to practice his skills. Now there are woods and there’s a pack of coyotes nearby. Marco has the same attitude towards the Coyotes that Lucas had; bring it on, if that is truly want you want. I am here. This is my home. Bring. He’s not aggressive towards them but he looks into the black of night with his head up, ears up, tail rigid, and it’s hard not to see Lucas standing there.

Those poor Coyotes. They’ve gotten used to the idea there are no more large dogs inside the fenced in area and now they’ve got to acclimate themselves to the fact there two very large dogs who live here. Not that two medium sized female Pibbles wouldn’t be more than they wanted to tangle with for the Sister Mutts are built hard and low to the ground, compact and solid, short muzzled and armed. Your pack is going to be bloodied up trying to invade with these two standing guard, but damn, where the hell did THAT come from? Now two main battle tanks roll into the area and their voices can be heard at a distance.

The big male is sleeping in the woods at night. Who has ever even heard of such a thing! As stealthy as a tree falling into thick brush, the big male practically lumbers through the woods as if he has no care as to who hears him coming! Only a canine who is truly murderous would plough through the forest with such disdain! No, my brothers and sisters, we must flee this place and never return! The Pibbles have brought in reinforcements and if their human leads them against us it will go ill with us. Flee! Flee!

They have no idea at all that Marco is a neophyte, a puppy as it were when it comes to woodcraft. He’s a bird caged set to the wind. And he’s decided that he wants to feel the earth under his belly and feel the wind in his nose at the blackest of the nights. This is an animal who is rediscovering his heritage and his cousins in the house are bemused by this sort of behavior. Tyger Linn is fascinated. Last night, shortly after I went to bed, Tyger came to me and told me she wanted to go out. Ordinarily she would return after a few moments but I fell asleep and nothing woke me until nearly six this morning. Tyger had spent the night on the outside with the Cousin dogs. I suspect she’s sleeping with Marco in the woods. Tyger Linn is a hunter on the order of magnitude and now this big and clumsy creature has arrived to help her. What to do with this sort of thing? Tyger Linn has no idea. But here is someone who sleeps under the pine tree at night. Tyger Linn clearly thinks this is the best thing, ever.

This too shall pass, Lilith thinks. She has seen many dogs come and go, and she is the oldest member of the pack, as far as who has seniority, and she doesn’t allow herself to be drawn into anything new. Lilith Magnolia has her place on the sofa, has her place on the bed, and she has her place in the pack. Everything else flows around her as it will, and she will deign to notice it when she decides that she will and not a moment sooner. There are large dogs? What of it? One of the loves the woods? And? There are Coyotes? Have your canines call my canines. Lilith will raise her head when the Coyotes are sounding off but until they get close, really close, it’s just talk. Lilith assumes they understand the borders and if no, well, we’ll just see about that, won’t we, when the time comes.

Barely a week is left in August and the woods are changing into their clothes. The trees are beginning to get sleepy again. There’s still a few weeks left of this Summer and the hot weather is still taking its toll on everyone, and it will, but the end is closer than it was two weeks ago. The underbrush looks thinner and those who populate the thick places are now retreating back into the darker places. There are two new dogs in the woods. Greyson Charlotte yearns for the bed at night and comfort. She cares nothing at all for the noise in the dark and wants only to be petted on a dog’s head. The little striped warrior and Marco can have the black and they can have their stupid old tree! Greyson looks to Lilith as a role model. I believe the Cousins and the Residents know who wants to play with who now.

Take Care,



  1. Good to hear there are no problems with dogs co-existing together for now. You and your sister must have grown up with dogs. And were taught to treat them and train them correctly.

    I had a goddamn chihuahua give me a heart attack earlier tonight. It's a mix and is rather big for it's frame - it is not the taco bell dog. My neighbor took in her sister's dogs and they aren't used to us being next door yet. This one got through a hole in the fence into our yard. I walked out normally and, well, I may have scared it as much as it startled me! All is well now, he went back through the hole and I temporarily patched it until later.

    Also, Mike, the post I wrote today reminded me of some of your stories, but this one I'm sure was 100% reality! And I purposely tried to keep it brief and vague. Do you ever check out my site? And do you have regular internet now? How did that turn out?

    1. The war between myself and Windstream seems to be over, Scoakat. They did something that improved connectivity but it still isn't as fast as I would like. It would be, in fact, startling to find a strange dog of any size in your yard, but I've found a lot of strange thing in my yard over the years.

    2. We've only one real option for internet, Charter, and my speeds are pathetic right here in town. I could rant and rave about that for a while. Still, I don't know what I would do now without internet available at all. At least you have it.

      Oh, and thanks for the visit. Nothing like a little late-night, drunken self-promotion! Thanks!

    3. Some of the best, and very worst, ideas I have ever had have come from being up late and drinking.

  2. You should be ashamed of not sleeping out under the tree with the kids. Sharing experiences, guiding their development, they grow up so fast you know. ;o)

    1. You have to let the young ones find their own path, Bruce.