Saturday, September 26, 2015

A True Dog Rescue Hero In Need

The Story

My Lovey was rescued from the shelter almost 2 yrs ago she is a wonderful loving dog. We recently found out she has lymphoma and needs chemotherapy to treat it. For those who know me I do dog rescue and foster as many as my home will hold. Extra money is non existant at our house. I help so many but feel almost helpless at helping my own. If you would like to donate directly to the vet you can call his office at 229-247-2133. Just let them know its for my Lovey under my acct. Please pray for my baby I am not ready to let her go.

I don't share very many stories like this because there's just so many of them. But Beth is different. Beth rescues and finds homes for HUNDREDS of dogs each year, year in and year out. She's always got a dozen dogs at her house as fosters but this one is her baby. 

This is your chance to show that there is good karma in the Universe. This woman has saved so very many dogs. Help save one of her own. 



  1. I’m confused, for 229-247-2133, Google gives me 111 E Northside Dr, Valdosta, GA 31602-1724, but is it Martin Harrell, Kyle Harrell, or J William Martin?

    The dog is Lovey, and the owner Beth? Is that enough information?

  2. Dr. Martin died suddenly last year and Dr. Harrell took over. Beth is the owner. I didn't even know she had a big dog until this happened. And if you call Dr Harrell's office they can tell you what's going on. Just don't go anywhere near their office at lunch. You'll never make a left turn out of there.

  3. OK, I called and the woman who answered knew Lovey and what I was talking about. Score!
    As you know, I spent a couple grand last week, but I can help a little. Best wishes to Lovey and Beth.

    1. Thank you, Bruce. Beth works really hard in trying to find homes for so very many dogs. I think she's going to be rewarded in how much people care about her and Lovey, too!