Saturday, September 12, 2015

The First Rain of Autumn

I let the dogs out at about three and Lilith locked down at the sight of rain. The Pibble Princess doesn’t like to get her feet wet at all. Tyger Linn charges out no matter the weather but her sister…not so much. I have to nudge Lilith out and she looks longingly for the umbrella. I shoo her down the steps and wonder if I should make coffee or just write. It’s three but I know I’m not going back to sleep and I really do not want to at this point. My dreams were a mixed set of garden variety anxiety dreams and reverberations of those things that bothered me during the day.

Early Friday morning I found one of the Rescue People drinking coffee outside at Starbucks and joined her. There was a guy standing against the wall watching her and since she had her back to him she didn’t realize it. He was also keeping an eye on anyone who pulled up past the drive through. If someone pulled up to put their change up or put something away, they would pull even with the wall and there he would be. It was a creepy sort of social ambush and he was wearing sunglasses to try to hide what he was doing. He didn’t much like me watching him watching other people, in particular the Rescue Person. Eventually, he stopped watching from where he was standing and went to sit in his car. I stuck around until my friend left and made sure he wasn’t going to follow her.

Guys, it’s creepy. Yeah, I watch women all the time but I never stake out a perch and then stand around and stare. It’s rude. Also, there’s a difference between sitting at a table stealing glances at someone who looks interesting from across the room and it is quite another to put yourself in a position to ambush women who aren’t expecting a guy to be standing there. A good rule of thumb here is if you can tell you’re making someone uncomfortable with what you’re doing you should stop.

 But the dreams last night.

At one point I was standing in the yard of a house where I had never been before I was looking across the road and there was Tanya. Before I could more or yell or anything she came running towards me and a dump truck came out of nowhere and ran over her, brutally, with the front tires crushing her and her body being thrown under both sets of back tires. I ran to where she lay dying and knew there was no way to save her.

That was more than enough to wake me up and get me up and make sure I wasn’t going back to sleep. I know it’s a common theme in dreams to be put in a place you cannot stop something bad from happening. I’ve lived through these kinds of dreams before but never with a dog I once lived with. Part of it is my karma, I know that, but at the same time it’s sad in ways that I’ve never felt before.

The morning air lacked the density that Summer always holds. Even with the rain it felt less humid than it has been lately. Seven found the sun still asleep in her bed and I realized that this would be the first day where eighty degrees wasn’t going to happen. And even if it did it wouldn’t feel like it. The low tomorrow is going to be down to sixty. At some point during the day or during the night, a cold front will pass through the area and it will be a few days before we have truly warm weather again. Summer has stumbled but I doubt if she has fallen. There will be days in the mid to upper nineties again this month but the killer heat from July and August has left us now. It’s over. I already miss it.

Marco Ladakh has decided that he likes training. He likes the sit and he likes the carrots for treats. We have to work on his weight a little and I’d like to see him exercise a little harder. Tyger keeps trying to coax him into running with her but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m still keeping the Residents and the Cousins apart most of the time but walking in the woods is when everyone can get together. Tyger will hunt alone and Lilith will stay close to me, always, but the Cousins are still trying to figure it all out. Woods, Marco thinks, are good for the canine soul.
The Coyotes have discovered Very Large Dogs live inside the fenceline now and they have backed away from Hickory Head a bit. Large Dogs are dangerous and a pair of them mean trouble. Toss in the warlike cries of the Pibbles and the Coyotes have decided to ease off hunting near us.

I’ve missed the big dogs. I’ve miss the way that a person has to move around them and get them to move inside a house. It’s body language that everyone inside understands. It’s fun to realize that I’ve connected with them to the point we all move in concert in the mornings when I’m trying to feed them, they’re trying to get fed, and everyone is happy to be up ( except me).

The rain is still falling, slow, lightly, gently, and it is not a Summer rain at all. There is no light and violence to it as there was in last week’s storm. This is a transitional shower, fading slightly the hard colors of Summer and making way for the variety of hues that Autumn will bring. The corn and produce are mostly gone now and only cotton and peanuts remain. School buses are more common on the road than trucks pulling boat trailers now. The sun comes up later and the day is ending earlier. Another Summer is picking up and leaving us. I miss Her already.

Take Care,



  1. When it’s raining, your brain knows instinctively the air should be heavy and damp. But when it’s a sunny day and humid, there’s a disconnect for even the experienced elder brain. The brain, in true Mr Spock fashion, saying, does not rationally compute.

    Meanwhile the body parts are furiously texting the brain for an explanation. Getting none, they start bitching about be oppressed. Bitching about summer’s light clothing growing heavy, being clingy, and chafing the naughty bits.

    Even if the various body parts could think, they wouldn’t care if the sweat was honest or not, they’re whiners. Very self centered, slothy, scoffing at the concept of team, and unwilling to take any initiative past bathroom or pantry. Not till push comes to drag will they move, then only going along because they’re attached and outvoted.

    If you doubt the selfishness of the body parts, try cutting one off and see if it follows you out the door. Bet it don’t.