Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dreams That Go Bump in the Night.

It has been a long and stressful week and the weekend will be filled with trying to figure out a way to keep the Cousins fenced in and house cleaning. First things first as the Cousins have dug out of the yard twice this week and seem to be getting better at it. It’s been cold and that makes me bitchy and not wanting to be outside. Yet I cannot bring the fence in so outside I must go as soon as it is light.

There was a while back I had a dream in which Taylor Swift and I had sex. The dream was very realistic in that because Taylor and I are strangers, and were strangers in the dream, the encounter was more than a little awkward and I’m not sure she enjoyed it as much as I would have liked to have said she did. That’s the whole issue here; my subconscious could have conjured up a very long dream where Taylor Swift and I had such great sex she never wrote another goodbye song or another torch song as long as she lived, but no, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I get a dream with Taylor Swift where if she wrote a song about it the song would be longer than the dream and she would likely mention me by name in it.

Stupid subconscious. 

Last night I dreamed there was a vehicle coming down the driveway and when I woke up moonlight reflecting into the room make me think someone was out there so I got up, tripped over a dog, woke the whole house up to discover the moon was outside. Coyotes thought this was high comedy, clearly, for fifteen minutes later they sang to me the song of their people. This reawakened Tyger Linn’s need to go out once again and so in the space of about twenty minutes we had morning rush hour on the bed as canines wanted out, twice.

Did I mention it is cold outside?

So once I went back to sleep, my subconscious, in its desire to make peace with me, could have, and I am assuming the creation of dreams to be rather effortless, very easily fixed me up with Jessica Chastain in an intimate setting where it’s warm and clothing has already left the building and we know each other well, yes, that would be perfectly fine with me, yes. Or even a nice walk on a beach with someone who has something interesting to say, yeah man, even that. But no. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I dream I’m walking on a bridge and I break out into a trot to leap over this concrete barrier. On the other side of the barrier is a platform but in mid-leap I discover the platform is gone now and I have just jumped off the side of the bridge. This is the part of the bridge that is over concrete, not water, and I have a few seconds to think about hitting the concrete before impact. It’s a good fifty feet or so and the plan is to land on my feet but to try to break the fall with my legs and hope I can minimize the damage as much as possible.

When I hit I instantly slam face first into the concrete. The impact is incredible. When I landed my legs simply folded up and my head bounced face first. It feels like I’ve been hit by a truck bumper on my skull. I can see out of my right eye and I spit teeth and bones out of my mouth and blood, lots of blood. I can move my right arm but there’s bone sticking out of my left arm. I can feel my ribs and they feel pulverized. There’s growing pressure inside of my skull and I realize that I’m not dead yet but I am dying. I choke on the blood and try to move but there isn’t enough left upstairs to get the signals to the right places. I’m pretty much screwed and I know it. I hear the sound of footsteps and some guy I have never seen before runs up to me and stops short and stares. He has no idea what to do or what to say or anything but he manages to say, “They’re on their way. It’s going to be… all right.” But he doesn’t come any closer. I cough and enough blood to fill a coffee cup pours out of my mouth along with what was once decent dental work. I cough again and the pressure in my skull begins to shut things down. Things are getting darker and darker and I feel cold. I hear a siren in the distance but it sounds like it’s light years away and the darkness closes up on me and I forget to tell the guy something before the lights go out.

I’ve had this dream before.

Stupid subconscious.

Take Care,


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    2. I wouldn't say a dream that featured sex with Taylor Swift was horrifying Scokat. She's not drop dead beautiful but I do find her oddly attractive. There's nothing special about her voice, certainly, but at the same time, I find some of her tunes very compelling. I tend to drift towards classical music but I catch myself singing along with Swift with some of her goodbye songs and torch songs like a hard core fan might.

      Disconcerting, yes, but not horrifying, really.