Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter is Here.

There’s an interesting situation building here at Hickory Head and I’m not sure what to make of it. Tyger Linn wants to charge out into the woods with the Cousins behind her, the squirrels fleeing in terror before her, and eventually Lilith will make it out into the yard, in her own time, because that’s how Lilith has decided to do things. What’s interesting about this is that the high temperature for Saturday was about 40 and the wind was blowing eleventy-billion miles an hour and the sun didn’t once check in on us.

Tyger Linn was cold.

So she charges out of the house heads for the woods with the Cousins in tow, but it was cold. So Tyger races back to the house to get back inside, leaving the woods to the Cousins, something she is loath to do, and the Cousins, who are Ladb-ish and thick furred, don’t mind the cold. But they do miss Tyger Linn, their leader, so they return. They find Tyger camped out by the door and when I open it Tyger Linn, who has now warmed up a bit, charges out again, and the Cousins follow.

Lilith gets up on the sofa and curls up beside me because it is cold and I am warm.

Tyger Linn, gets cold and comes back, but this time she barks to be let in and the Cousins, assuming the Manson Family have invaded the house, charge back towards the house barking like canine inflicted demons and this awakens the protective spirit in Lilith so she leaps off the sofa and barks back.

This has to end somewhere so I herd everyone in and hand out treats. Lilith gets hers first because she eats slowly, savoring her treat, but this makes her ripe for pillaging by her sister and the Cousins. Lilith takes her treat into the bedroom and I wait until I hear crunching noises before I give Tyger Linn one. Tyger heads to the bedroom and Greyson Charlotte, who has just recently learned to wait for a treat instead of lunging at the naked ape who has armed himself with a squirt bottle for lunging dogs. Greyson is also learning how to sit as well as how to wait. Marco Ladakh, who is a former lunge champion, has learned to sit and to wait. He wiggles around a lot but he manages to control himself. So everyone gets a treat, everyone is inside, everyone finds a spot that is warm and cozy, but there is that squirrel outside and Tyger Linn knows it.

The wind makes a hollow howling sound has it tries to creep in through the chimney. I’m in a sleeping bag on the sofa writing a story about a young woman who decides to be a serial killer because people are boring as hell. This is my second female serial killer story and it’s very different to write about women who kill rather than men who kill. Tyger Linn sits up with her ears cocked, there might be a squirrel, and I tell her to lie down and she does. You know she’s going to want back out, don’t you? Most of the men who were and are serial killers rely on some sort of brute force to capture women or to keep them from getting away. Most of them have preyed on prostitutes. Bundy was a notable exception because he preyed on women who were going to be missed, and missed quickly, by their families.

My first female serial killer used sex and alcohol as a ways and means to incapacitate men. She also used her ability to seduce to make men kill for her. Starkly beautiful yet psychopathic, the first one, Christa, quickly drew the attention of the law because the men she kill were all men of wealth and power. The second female killer, Natalie, goes after the disaffected, the loners, and those who will not be missed quickly. She also evolves into making the murders seem to be accidental in nature rather than homicides. There’s a cop who knows she is killing but cannot prove it. When Natalie becomes a cop herself he realizes that she’s going to use the uniform to stalk and kill but can he stop her?

Tyger leaps off the back of the sofa and lands nearly at the threshold of the backdoor. The Cousins are on their collective feet but Lilith looks at them as if they are all crazy as hell. It’s still light out, late in the day on a Sunday, but it’s still rather cold. Tyger zooms out of the backdoor the Cousin kinda ooze their way out, and the squirrels head for the safety of the branches higher than Tyger can climb or leap.

Natalie pushes her boyfriend and a gym rat off the top of a waterfall and kills two boring people off with one shove. I written a basic outline of this scene but I have to flesh out her emotional response to feeling the weight of a human body becoming weightless as it begins to fall. She pushed her boyfriend first and Natalie relies on shock and fear to paralyze the other man, and it does. Her boyfriend may or may not have realized that he was pushed intentionally, but this guy does know. He makes eye contact with the woman who kills him and she sees the look of realization in his eyes as he falls.

This is what she feeds on.

Tyger returns because it is still too damn cold out there for her to hunt. The Cousins are still in the woods. Lilith gets up and walks to the door and now she wants out, which means Tyger goes out again, and the Cousins race to the house to see what’s going on. They all want in, then out again as Tyger Linn warms, and the day will be spent getting up to let dogs in, getting up to let dogs out, and trying to figure out how someone else can be killed by accident, by a woman who hunts boring people.

Take Care,



  1. You need a door opener/closer with a remote, like a garage. Or maybe a revolving doggie door with a motor and remote, to sweep them in or out when they stand by it.

    1. I like the idea of a canine extraction device. But it would wear itself out on Tyger Linn.