Sunday, February 14, 2016

Flu Dreams and Nyquil Nightmares

Last night I went to bed sometime around eight. I had a dream where I had to get up out of bed and go into the kitchen but there was total darkness and I didn’t see the snake until I stepped on it. It was a huge snake, seven or eight feet long, and it was venomous; a Cottonmouth. In my efforts to escape it I fell forward on top of it and I felt its scales against the bare skin of my chest and belly. I went into some sort of seizure and I could feel the snake under me as I convulsed uncontrollably.

I woke up and it was 9:10 by the clock.

A double shot of Nyquil quelled the snake dream and the fit of coughing that had returned with it. However, next on the list of things I did not want slithering around in my head was a dream in which I was in a very large building with a woman who I didn’t know. I had two dachshunds with me and the woman wanted to help me walk them. Somehow we were suddenly outside and the two dogs were miles away. I went up to a high point in the apartment and spotted them at the Mall. We went there and I saw a cat nearly get hit by a car. It went into a storm drain and as I tried to reach for the cat it slipped into the darkness of the drain. We saw the two dogs wandering across the parking lot but no matter how fast we ran towards them they would always be just as far away.

I woke up again and this time it was nearly three. The coughing had returned and I got up to let all of the dogs out.  By this time my dreams of a complete recovery had also vanished. The coughing had disappeared Saturday but it was beginning to settle back in. Still the joint pain was gone and the feeling of severe fatigue had not returned. More Nyquil and more sleep would help, surely.

The dream began with a guy I knew was a cook giving me a tour of his restaurant while we were invisible to the patrons and the staff. The fare at the restaurant was Asian and the man spoke with a thick accent. We came to a table where a party of eight was grumbling about the service and the cook lamented that these eight people would come in, order a lot of food, complain about how it was prepared, and invariably leave no tip. They kept returned, at least once a month, and when they did come in they stayed for nearly two hours. Waitresses who were assigned to that part of the restaurant worked their butts off and got nothing in return, but still, they had a job to do. The cook and I reappeared and he sharply rebuked a woman whose job it was to serve the group.

Suddenly, I found myself look at a table where there was no one sitting yet it seemed as if there should be. Then I remembered, my wife and I were supposed to be dining there. “She’s at The Plaza” a young man told me and The Plaza is a restaurant in Thomasville Georgia ( I also haven’t been married in over a dozen years) that I haven’t been to in a long time. She reappeared and sat down and explained that she had stepped out to eat with a friend which I thought was ridiculous. Then she had this odd sparkling and glowing aura about her like we were in a cartoon and her eyes became very large as if we were in an Anime cartoon.

And that was more than enough to wake me up for good.

It was after six when I awoke for good which means I have to do better than that tomorrow if I’m going to get to work on time, if I go into work.

This flu thing is a bitch.

Take Care,



  1. When I decided to enter the world of sobriety full time I dreamt of vodka, wine and beer akmost nightly. The alcohol was leaving my system not by its own choice and had decided to return the favor by devising heavy handed dreams that placed me in some of my least favorite watering holes complete with smell, taste and the recklessness conversatons of a drunk mind. Thankfully, they eentually dissolved back into the usual naked before a full classroom on the day of a test I didn't study for sort that always made me happy when I awoke. Too much of Nyquil's antihistimine can do this to you, Mike. Yes it will cause drowsiness with the right dosage. However, if you overdose to the point of seeing your ex, again, it might be wise to dial it back a little next time. Psycologically your dreams could be construed as disturbing and fodder for interpretation. But hey, at least you weren't naked in front of a classroom.

    1. I think are probably correct on more than one account here, David. And I am not likely to do more than one shot before bed tonight.