Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Anti-Veganism Stuff

It's odd that the one lifestyle that holds the most promise to do the most good for the earth is the one people feel the most comfortable making fun of in public.


  1. I don't think this comic is anti-vegan at all. It's just that crocodiles are carnivores. The only thing I see it making fun of is a croc that can't catch meat.

    You don't have to look for it, Mike, it will find you, I'm sure. You never noticed how many red cars are on the road until you bought a red car, right?

    1. That's actually a damn good point, Scoakat, and what you're referring has a name but I cannot place it right now. The only thing is that in a previous strip offers to turn in his man card because his friends caught him eating tofu.

    2. Well, it's just a comic strip, and making a cartoon carnivore croc eat tofu as an extreme opposite of meat may make the gag work comically better.

      But I must disclose that I am familiar with the comic and have seen Larry and his pals try in vain to trick the zebra neighbor to eat him in countless strips. Not the best schtick, but it's in the local paper and I do like reading the funnies!

  2. Scoakat nailed it. You have to understand the characters and their personality traits in this ongoing strip to appreciate the humor beneath the superficial yuk in each strip.

    It's increasingly common for people to take it as a personal attack when someone takes a poke at some group they feel an affinity for. That's why you hear about so many college kids accusing their school of being insensitive to their individual hang-ups.

    There's a college in PA who had a president from 1932 to '53 named Lynch, so they named a building after him. Now a group of students are demanding the name be changed because it's insensitive.