Monday, February 1, 2016

Upcoming Fiction: Natalie

The thing about writing about a young woman who one night decides to kill a coworker just to experience the feeling of killing. My problem is that I have to make her believable. Were this a male character I could have him as a former football player or some sort of sports jock, but this is a person who weighs less than one hundred ten pounds. Christa, my last female serial killer used alcohol, drugs, and sexual pressure to kill and to get men to kill others for her. But here is a woman, Natalie, who uses weapons like a man would use, and she also uses her mind in creating opportunities to kill to make murder look like an accident. The real problem in this is trying to distance the killer from the crime scene. She lived in the same building and worked with her first victim and no one thought anything of it. But now her boyfriend and a fellow church goer tumbles down a waterfall and both are killed. And there is Natalie. The first responders see her as a shocked and shaken girlfriend and there is an outpouring of goodwill towards her but one detective remembers interviewing her. And so it begins.

What the best way to keep the cops from watching you? The answer is to become a cop and to become a damn good one. Natalie joins the police force with the purpose of finding a way to find out how to kill again without getting caught. Cloaked as a religious zealot, Natalie finds herself at a natural arm’s length to the rougher crowd a delight to those immersed in religion. Clean cut and seemingly chaste, Natalie comes across as a lightly odd but very good cop.

Natalie watches people.

There a guy who walks home from school after basketball practice and he always wear a black hoodie, rain or shine, hot or cold, and he’s always dancing as he walks. Off duty, Natalie stakes out the gas station the young man passes on his way home. He dances past the station, Natalie dons a black hoodie, dances down the sidewalk, and steals the car that’s at the pump. She heads down the street and as a homeless man cross in front of her she runs him over than abandons the car.

The next day she’s working the case as a detective where the surveillance film shows what appears to be a young man in a black hoodie steal the same car that ran over a homeless man.

Meet Natalie. It’s going to take a while for anyone to catch her.

Take Care,



  1. Yikes! Female serial killers??
    The last one?
    You seem to have a 'thing' for dangerous women... (or at least, writing about them).

    1. It's more fun to write about dangerous women, Kat. They don't have the strength men do so they have to think more deeply. If you want to know how to move something heavy ask a woman. A guy will try brute force but a woman will come up with a solution.