Sunday, June 26, 2016

Great Danes and Wisdom Teeth

The night began poorly, and the usually stable Tyger Linn wanted out, and then back in, and then out again. She would stand up and whine at the darkness for no reason I could discern. The Cousins will follow her out, Marco Ladakh especially, and I had to leave the back door open to finally solve the problem of the revolving dogs. But Tyger Linn stayed restive. She would join me on the bed but then ask to be petted, or she would whine softly at something out there.

My dreams came in fragments, like ancient scrolls that dissolve in the wind before they are red completely. I had been in an accident of some sort and I had some sort of injury to my head. That much was clear. I felt something odd on the back of my head, and like a pimple that bursts when touched when I searched the back of my head for the sensation I pulled a tooth out. One of my wisdom teeth, in fact. My older sister was suddenly there and she told me that it had happened to her too, that she had been hit in the head and it caused her wisdom teeth to get knocked into the back of her skull and there they exited after a while. It was no big deal at all, she explain, it happens all the time. I dug three more teeth out of the back of my head and looked at them in the palm of my hand. The teeth were bloody but shiny white, as if they had just been polished.

Tyger woke me up yet again, and this time she was excited about something and she had led the Cousins in to tell me about something. I got up to close the door, hoping their energy had been spent, and laid down in hopes of sleep. I drifted in and out of a dream that involved a building I had been in before but the dreamscape refused to gel. The roof was red tile, I remember that, but there was nothing else to reach out and grab.

I was going back and forth from a car and an office, each time remembering something and having to go back, and then it would be gone, and something else would be forgotten and had to be retrieved. I woke up during this process and wondered what the objects were but nothing existed except at the moment I remembered it, retrieved it, and then it was gone from my hands and my memory.

There was a sound, the sound of movement in the dark, the moonlight poured into the room and Tyger was standing at the window, on her hind legs, looking out into the black and silver night.

There was an office, and there was a television that was locked onto an info commercial but it never stated what the product was. The man next to me began talking about the commercial and I realized he was giving me a sales pitch so I moved. I realized that I was in a doctor’s office, but I had no idea why. (My teeth, maybe?) And again, someone sat down next to me, and began giving me a sales pitch. I moved again, and this time a man who was dressed very nicely sat down, but his mouth was covered with brown tape and he had odd markings on his face as if he were trying to predraw a tattoo. I went up to the receptionists and asked her how long it would be before I could see the doctor and she said the commercial had to run three more times before the doctor would see anyone. Two very large Great Danes came in and sat down beside me and they acted as if we had met before. One was male, the other female, and both had tiny scars on their bodies as if they had lived very hard lives before this time. They were tan and black Danes, more colored like GSDs and both of them wanted to sit in my lap. I moved to a short sofa and they both moved with me and no one else bothered me as the commercial played on and on. One thing all of the people I had spoken to had said to me was “Hang in there, it will be okay” but I have no idea what they were talking about.

A woman came in, someone I know slightly, and she asked me to help get move something out of her house. We walked outside and her house was in the parking lot. We went up a very long flight of stairs and there was an empty room with wooden floors with sunlight speckled with dust floating through it. The woman began drawing on the bare wood walls and talking to me about how hard it was to find someone to help move stuff. I wanted to take a couple of steps forward and perhaps see what she was drawing but there seemed to be something compelling me not to move and I couldn’t tell what she was drawing or what she was drawing with at all.

There was total darkness and there was a woman, I had no idea who she was, with me, and it felt like she skin was on fire with heat. There was no light, no sound, except our breathing, no sensation but that of touch and I felt her surrendering to pure animal passion and I could feel her nails on my back and her teeth on my neck.

I awoke with a start and the moonlight had shifted yet still came in through the windows. The dogs were milling around the backdoor and whining so I got up and tried to sift through the dreams to find some meaning in them. Thirty minutes later I tried to sleep again and this time, if I did sleep, there were no dreams to haunt me, and the dogs finally awoke no more.

Take Care,


  1. "I was going back and forth from a car and an office, each time remembering something and having to go back, and then it would be gone, and something else would be forgotten and had to be retrieved."

    I can explain that one, you were dreaming my life. :o)

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  3. What a crazy dream! Thank goodness your pups woke you up with their whining. But that really was a strange dream to deal with. Sitting in an office--dentist office?--and having two guys in a row give you a sales pitch related to something on the TV? That is just so crazy! Thank goodness you had no more dreams then!