Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween 2016: Part Six: Distance and Violence.

Jenna stepped out of the trailer and into the storm. How she had gotten there wasn’t important to her. How she was going to get back to Paulette’s house was a serious problem. Time, Jenna thought, time, how to close the gap between here and there and… There was a pizza delivery guy leaving the trailer park.
“Hello, I need a ride.” Jenna said as she tapped on the window.
“Uh, I’m really not allowed to have passengers.” The driver was young, very young, perhaps eighteen, and looked terrified.
“You’ve got a car and I need a ride.” Jenna told him. “Trust me, this is a story you’re going to be able to tell everyone once it’s all over, even if o one believes you.” Jenna got into the car and pulled her hair back. “Once you drop me off I want you to call 9-1-1 and send them to Number Seventeen in the park here, and tell them two people have been murdered.”
“What?” the driver stammered.
“Just do it.” Jenna said, “You need to be driving, 2112 West Force Street, go there now. Tell them to send someone to where we’re going, but give me ten minutes before you do. What’s your name?”
“Bob..Bobby,” Bobby said as he pulled out into traffic, “you, uh, aren’t going to hurt me are you?”
“No, but once we get to where we’re going you need to get the hell away from there was fast as you can and don’t look back.” Jenna said. “And remember to call the cops.”

The street lights blinked twice and then went dark and Jenna took that to be a good sign. The storm whipped the rain around until it swirled around the light of the headlights like angry bees.
“Uh, look,” Bobby said as he pulled into the driveway, “I don’t think you need to get out here, this place…”
“Yeah, I know, trust me.” Jenna said. “Call the cops, tell them about the murders in the trailer, then wait ten minutes and tell them to come here.”
“If something bad is going to happen shouldn’t they be here before then?” Bobby asked.
“Not if you want them to live.” And Jenna got out of the car.

Jenna couldn’t see anything at all in the dark but she didn’t need to see anymore. The dog’s scent was missing and she knew that he was gone. The door had been forced open and inside the scent of incense and blood filled the air. Would the young man wait ten minutes before he called the police? Jenna wondered if he would at all. Why get involved in murder if there was a way not to do so? Jenna smiled at the irony. Less than a week ago her biggest problem was trying to get out of a DUI and keep her job. Now five people had been murdered and she wondered if this was the end of it. Jenna clicked with her tongue and heard the echoes. Nothing was out of place, except that Paulette was gone, too.

There was the scent of blood on the floor and Jenna followed it to the bathroom door. The doorknob, and antique fixture that had come with the original structure was covered in it. Jenna pushed the door and it swung open. Paulette lay in the bathtub, bleeding from a head wound, but very much alive.
“You took your sweet time getting here, dear,” Paulette said, “he’ll be back and soon. We have to get ready.”

“What happened?” Jenna asked as she helped Paulette hold a bag of frozen peas on the bump on her head.
“I’m not sure, but I have a few guesses.” Paulette told her. “Devon showed up a few hours ago, more than a few now, his plan was to take you for a weekend, do you remember anything at all?”
“I woke up at Sam’s place.” Jenna swallowed hard. “Sam is dead. Cleve too.” Jenna fought back the urge to give in to sorrow. “I don’t remember much more than that.”
“He threw a pretty good fit when you refused to go with him. He threatened to send you to prison for the rest of your life and detailed how Sam and Cleve was going to help him do it. With you in prison, or worse, he was going to get you to sign over power of attorney to Sam and they would split the money Jim left you. You told him to go screw himself. He got violent and I got knocked in the head in melee. And then it got weird.” Paulette took the peas off her bump and felt the wound. “I’m too old for this shit.”

“Devon left here without you and I still alive and still in one piece, more or less.” Paulette told her. “You passed out on the floor, Jenna, and then even for the things I’ve seen, you did something I have never witnessed before; you simply disappeared. I’m not sure how or why, but I suspect that Devon had done something, or was going to do something, that triggered a latent ability in your being.”
“I had a weird vision and I woke up at Sam’s place.” Jenna said. “I saw a forest and a storm.”
“Devon was fixated on you since you began working at the office.” Paulette told her. “He’s done this to other women but he’s always gotten away with it, and it’s never gone to violence before, but something was different this time. I’m not sure who killed Jim but I suspect it was Devon.”
“No,” Jenna said slowly, “no, Paulette, I don’t think he killed Jim. I’m pretty sure Sam killed Nick, but I think she did it because he wouldn’t go along with killing me to get the insurance money. With Jim dead I think Nick saw that if they couldn’t pin it on me then they might go down for it. I think Nick was too smart for his own good. Sam and Cleve took Nick out to cut him out of the money and to pin another murder on me, but Devon wasn’t aware of any of this until after Jim was killed.”
“Your blackouts when you were drinking, Jenna.” Paulette stood up and wobbled but stood straight. “You were somehow able to be in two places at the same time, you were able to project yourself over a distance and return, this time you stayed put.” Paulette sat down on the floor beside Jenna. “I think we might consider the possibility that you killed Sam, Jenna. I think you may have killed Jim and Cleve as well.”
“This ability allows for that. Paulette.” Jenna stood up and offered a hand to help her up again. “But there’s a lot more to this than even you realize.”

End part six.

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