Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween 2016, Part Three: Thicker Than Water, Thinner Than Hate.

Jenna met Devon at the parking lot of the police station and she wondered when this all was going to end. She had been in jail twice in one day, two days ago, and now she was about to go into the police station to talk to them about someone she knew being murdered, again, for the second time in two days. Jenna didn’t know a damn thing about how the judicial system really worked but from what she saw in movies she was looking more and more like a suspect.
“Damn, girl,” Devon said without smiling, “you sure do live an interesting life. I’ll be brief ; before you speak you look at me. If I nod you speak. If I am not nodding you are not speaking. I’ll interrupt if you start straying and if I interrupt you better stop talking.” He stopped and grabbed Jenna by the arm, a little more firmly than she liked, but she didn’t pull away. “It’s been fun and games with you up to this point, but we’ve got two dead bodies, and both of these men were talking to you the day before they died. I need to know right know, yes or no, did you do it or do you know who did?”
“No.” Jenna said and couldn’t think of anything else to add.
“If you walk out of all this I own you, got it?” Devon’s tone was filled with anger.
“Got it.” Jenna replied.

“Ms. Lasker,” one of the detectives began, I’m going to read you your rights and then I’m going to ask you a few questions, with your attorney’s permission. You can stop this at any time you wish and you are not subject to arrest if you do stop.”
Jenna listened to her rights being read and watched Devon. Oh shit, she thought, this is serious. He either thinks I did it or he thinks they might pin it on me. Jenna’s heart began beating faster. She wanted a glass of wine.

“Ms. Lasker, my name is Detective Barber, I’ll be recording this interview with your permission and the permission of your lawyer. You took a lie detector test yesterday and passed it. Legally, those tests aren’t worth much but we believe them to be useful. I have to tell you that we allowed you to access both your laptop and the one belonging to Jim Catskills to track who you would communicate with, and who would contact you. You’ve read certain emails in regard to your sister, Samantha Lasker, and your former boyfriend having an affair, am I correct in this?”
“Yes” Jenna said as Devon nodded. She closed her eyes. All of this was going to be public record. Sam’s conversations with Jim, their affair, everything that had happened, and was going to happen, all of it, was going to go public.
“Are you aware of the death of your sister’s boyfriend, Nicolas Simon?” Barber asked more to Devon than to Jenna.
“I am.” Jenna said and stopped before she could say anything else.
“Are you aware your sister, and a man who was Mr. Simon’s cousin, Cleve Simon, have both implicated you in this murder?” Barber asked.
“No” Jenna whispered, more to herself than to anyone in the room. She closed her eyes and felt a tear work its way down her cheek. Sam wouldn’t do this if she wasn’t involved in Nick’s death. That meant she was involved in Jim’s as well. “Fuck!” Jenna said aloud. “Fuck!”
“We aren’t sure who did what or to who, Ms. Lasker, but are you willing to wear a recording device, arrange a meeting with your sister, and speak to her knowing that the information she provides to you might be used against you, or your sister, in the matter of two homicides?” Barber was looking directly at Devon when he asked the question and Jenna knew the two had already talked about it.
“Give me a moment, please.” Jenna closed her eyes and tried to remember when things had started going wrong with Sam. After the birth of the twins Sam seemed so full of hope and promise for them but now… Jenna realized that she was going to have to take the twins and raise them. There wasn’t anyone else. Maybe Sam was innocent. Maybe it was Cleve and Nick who had done all of this. Maybe, once again, she could rescue Sam from herself. The twins were in the second grade. They would remember what happened to their mom for the rest of their lives. Would they blame Jenna for the death of their father? Jenna shook her head. “Let me,” she choked, “let me talk to her alone, without a wire, okay? Let me speak to her.” But she knew how it sounded.

Jenna and Devon left the police station in silence. They got into his car and drove to the impound yard on the far end of the parking lot. They checked with the clerk and Devon grabbed Jenna again as she started to get into her car. “Look, bitch, I don’t give a damn what happens to that trailer park trash sister of yours, but I got an investment in you. You think about having to pay me off once a week for about a year after I get your job back, or in cash, I don’t care about that either, but you’re going to wear that damn wire, and you’re gonna wear anything else I lay out for you.” Devon let go of Jenna’s arm and pushed her into the car. “I like your type. I liked you since the first day you started work and I have waited a long damn time for this. Make plans for this weekend. We’re going to get together and have a nice long talk about the case.” He laughed loudly. “And I’m gonna bring a date. You’re not the only bitch who owes me.”

Jenna drove to Paulette’s and wondered if she had really run out of choices. She had to wear the wire. But how badly did she really need Devon? All her accounts were still locked, but she might get a couple of cards reissued. Unless Devon started working against her. She walked into Paulette’s house and found her sitting at the table in total darkness, with her hands spread out over the cards.
“You’ve had a shitty day.” Paulette sighed. “Wine is in the kitchen.”

End of part three

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