Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween 2016 "The Two Of Serpents"

Jenna held her hand up and watched a small rivulet of blood snake down her arm. How, she mused, do so many people confuse blood and wine, where is the analogy, she wondered as the liquid slowed and stilled. No, Jenna thought, there is nothing like blood that man could make. She felt the cool air begin to act upon the blood and she felt her skin tighten under it as it hardened. Her own heart was pounding, pumping blood from one part of her body to another in a torrent fueled with adrenaline and exhaustion. She wondered when was the last time that she rested, truly slept, and looked forward to the next day with something other than dread.
“Jenna?” It was Paulette and Jenna wondered how she had gotten back into the house so very quietly. “Jenna?” Paulette repeated and Jenna took a deep breath and let it out.
“There you are.” Paulette walked unerringly to the table where Jenna was seated put her hand on Jenna’s shoulder. “We have to do a reading. There is a lot we have to know before the children come back. We are going to have to explain a lot of this to them and hide what we can. There’s no way to get rid of all this blood.”
“What are we going to do?” Jenna whispered. Through what was once a doorway the cool night air came through and the candles flickered. It was a question that needed to be asked about many things, Jenna knew, but so many answers would not come soon.
“How do you feel about arson?” Paulette asked seriously.
Jenna laughed, a short hard bark that held little humor. “To think this time last week all I was worried about was not getting fired.” Jenna wondered that it had only been a week, well, eight days now, since it begun.==============================================================

It begins tonight. 


  1. Did you forget something, Mike?

    1. Sorry, I posted that a day early. Stand by for part one tonight. Soon, in fact!