Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Story 2016, End, Connections in Blood, Corrections In Blood.

Jenna and Paulette waited in the dining room and it was just a few minutes before the sound of a car was heard.
“That’s him!” Paulette declared and a moment later they heard a voice.
“Okay, I get it.” The voice belonged to Devon. “You’re some sort of bad ass, right?” His voice was blurred with either fear or excitement. “I gotta hand it to you. You’re good, but just how good are you?”
“Leave now and you’ll get away before the cops get here, Devon.” Jenna said. “You’ve got about one full minute before you are a dead man.”
“That white trash sister of yours, she didn’t kill Jim, but she sure as hell killed her old man, that run in the family?” Devon was edging towards the door and both women knew it. But without light he was harmless.
“You’re in over your head, Devon.” Jenna said. “There are a lot of bodies out there, a lot of dead people who didn’t see it coming, and you should. You know I’m not a killer, and I know you aren’t either. One of us is about to be surprised.”
“No, I’ll go, but I gotta know. How’d you do it? I’ve had a spy camera on you since the first day you showed up looking for help and willing to do anything for it. No one else bitch. It’s you.” But Devon sounded scared now.
“Run Devon, run right now, can’t you hear it?” Jenna almost whispered but she knew it was too late. The sound of a dog howling cut through the darkness and Jenna knew the black dog had run at the first sign of the storm and what it brought.
“What in the hell?” Devon said and then he screamed. Jenna flinched at the sound but she sensed Paulette finally understood. There was another scream and then the sound of a wild animal growling, deep and throaty, a sound filled with the promise of violence and death. A shot rang out, another and another, but the growl grew louder after each shot. There was the sound of flesh ripping, screaming, growls and the sound of blooding pouring out of an opened throat.
And then silence.

The dog howled once again and then there silence that last for what seemed a long time.

“Not you.” Paulette said in the darkness. “Not Devon.” She laughed, which was the oddest sound that Jenna could think of hearing at the time. “In all my years, I swear by the Oldest Tree, I have no idea what has happened.”
“When Jim and Sam started their affair they were both just trying to do something to spite me.” Jenna replied. “Then it got ugly when the plan became to get me kicked out of the house, and finally, they started planning to kill me. The sex got the best of them, and somewhere along the line, Nick and Cleve got pulled into it. What they didn’t know is while they were doing shots of cheap whiskey and talking about all of this, the connection between Sam and myself set off warning signals. I felt it, I started drinking more to try to understand it, even if I didn’t realize why at the time. They were drunk, it made sense I could understand them better when I was drunk.
Jim made the mistake of trying to kill me rather than just destroy my life. He and Sam could have lived happily ever after but they wanted the life insurance money. When Sam truly began desiring my death she forgot that my blood and her blood are the same, and there is no difference when it comes to our essence. Tell me why you wanted to tell me what you have about the cards and power, Paulette, you’ve known me for years and suddenly you’re telling me things that very few people bother to learn.” Jenna paused. “Tell me why.”
“I sensed,” Paulette began and then stopped, “I do not know, I just know I felt it, something happened. The white star, it’s a protection card, I should have told you. The dog, Delta, is he…, no that isn’t right, it isn’t him, it couldn’t be, and not me, then..” Paulette stopped speaking and Jenna could hear her coming to realization. “How long have you known?”
“Since tonight.” Jenna said. “I’m not sure what to call it, or how to describe it. Do you know of a term that suits them?”
“I’ll have to do some research.” Paulette said. “It’s apparent that your ability is more than a little more powerful than the average person. It’s surprising that Sam had none or refused it in some way. I never felt anything from the twins at all.”
“I’m pretty sure they aren’t aware of what they’ve done or even if they know anything is happening. But I’ve protected them since they were born, now they’ve protected me. They’re only ten year old girls, but clearly there is something there. But we better get the cops here and get things cleaned up. I think they’ll return when they’re back in human form again.”
“We need to do a reading.” Paulette said.



  1. Oh sure, blame it on the kids, they always get the blame. Ha Ha
    Well done sir!

    1. But did you see that coming?

      That's the question. I'm going to rewrite the story and expand it. Would you like to see the final version?

    2. Two ten year old girls that turn into werewolves? Two minor characters in a story with no other werewolves? How could anyone see that coming?

    3. That's what makes a good story; the element of surprise.

  2. Bravo! No, I did not see that coming.
    Sorry I haven't commented, I needed to catch up on the last several tonight. Yes, I would be interested in the expanded version. Oh, and I linked to you earlier over at my place, I hope that's okay with you. Happy Halloween, Mike!