Monday, December 26, 2016

The Vagina

Thanks, Bruce!


  1. Very timely. I have a very dear friend who tells me that every man she's had sex with (six partners in all) has been clueless when it came to her pleasure. Totally selfish, they seem to think the party begins and ends with their dick, the woman be damned. She tells me that her friends all tell her the same thing; one story after another of sex without satisfaction for the woman.

    The part that really grates on my friend is that she is 54 years old and still has not had a really good pussy-eating. Now, I enjoy to eat pussy. I like the smell. The taste. The textures. The feeling. The noise a satisfied woman makes when I please her. And it disturbs me when she tells me that she's never enjoyed some good head.

    It perturbs me because men, myself included, all seem to enjoy getting head. A good blowjob, and I've never had a bad one, is a thing of joy and beauty forever. I had one of the best I've ever had earlier this year; a true highlight of an otherwise blah 2016. But my friend tells me what I've long suspected, that giving head is hard work. Not digging a ditch hard work, but work just the same. There is no reward for the woman, although some women become aroused giving head (my wife, for one). Both my wife and my friend confirm, however, that giving head takes work. So I've always thought it was unfair that men can't/won't learn to return the favor. Eating pussy is easy, and the rewards are great. My wife is multi-orgasmic, and can easily have 5-10 bellringers in the span of just a few minutes. I don't get anything out of it physically, but the emotional satisfaction of pleasing my partner is very special indeed. My willingness to do something nice for her certainly puts her in the frame of mind to do something nice for me, and sometimes I'll go down on her without the slightest desire for reciprocity.

    Men are foolish indeed when they won't learn the basic art of making love. It isn't all just intercourse. Foreplay is neglected, and horribly so, and EVERY woman I have slept with or discussed sex with has reiterated that some cuddle, after the act, is extremely desirable and greatly appreciated. But men don't cuddle, and won't cuddle, and women hate this. My wife refers to after-sex cuddle as "afterglow", and we never, ever skip it.

    Unfortunately for the female gender, and for myself, I have taken a stern vow of monogamy as part of my marriage, or i would consider it a calling to demonstrate to women that sex can be good, and fun, and fulfilling. I'd start with my dear friend, and show her that seven is a lucky number indeed. In saying this I'm not trying to point out that I'm some sort of great lover, but merely that I took the time to learn a few basics many years ago (between marriages) that make sex more fun for my partner, and, by extension, myself.

    One other thing to comment upon is the G-Spot. Yes, they exist, and yes, I suspect that most women have one. I found my wife's G-Spot the first time we had sex; I had to scrape her off the ceiling, with my mouth agape. I was astonished. I had read about the G-Spot (Men's Health put out a great book about sexual issues) but to see it in action was astounding. If men would take the time to learn the little trick to finding and manipulating the G-Spot in a woman, I can assure you that that woman would be grateful indeed.

    It takes so little to please a woman in bed, but most men won't even
    make the most minimal effort to do so. It's a tragedy and a pity. Our bodies are designed to bring us joy and pleasure, and most women are being cheated.

    1. Roadie, I wonder how many women will agree with you on this subject? I am willing to bet most of them!!!!!!!

    2. I'm afraid I have to agree with your friend Roadie, Mike.

    3. Afraid? Hell, I was hoping to find out what women thought more than guys?

      I would like for a woman to post a detailed analysis of the post!

  2. I'll agree wholeheartedly. I figured out at a fairly young age that dating older men was advantageous in several ways. They usually were more stable both emotionally and financially-meaning they had their own place, and they were more experienced in bed which made them more caring considerate lovers. They also had more interesting things to talk about, which for me was part of the appeal, I like to be stimulated intellectually as well.

    1. Tamra, anything in particular you wished men did better?

  3. I found that on the web and passed it on to several ladies and all the guys. I figured the guys would chuckle, but the might learn something, I did. I learned 3 to 5 inches deep.
    My method is 1-2-3, she-we-she.
    1- Make sure she has at least one orgasm.
    2- Then we take the slow ride together.
    3- Lastly, try to give her one more orgasm, unless she says no more.
    I’ve had multiple women complain to me about wham–bam-thank you ma’am, men.