Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Story 2016, End, Connections in Blood, Corrections In Blood.

Jenna and Paulette waited in the dining room and it was just a few minutes before the sound of a car was heard.
“That’s him!” Paulette declared and a moment later they heard a voice.
“Okay, I get it.” The voice belonged to Devon. “You’re some sort of bad ass, right?” His voice was blurred with either fear or excitement. “I gotta hand it to you. You’re good, but just how good are you?”
“Leave now and you’ll get away before the cops get here, Devon.” Jenna said. “You’ve got about one full minute before you are a dead man.”
“That white trash sister of yours, she didn’t kill Jim, but she sure as hell killed her old man, that run in the family?” Devon was edging towards the door and both women knew it. But without light he was harmless.
“You’re in over your head, Devon.” Jenna said. “There are a lot of bodies out there, a lot of dead people who didn’t see it coming, and you should. You know I’m not a killer, and I know you aren’t either. One of us is about to be surprised.”
“No, I’ll go, but I gotta know. How’d you do it? I’ve had a spy camera on you since the first day you showed up looking for help and willing to do anything for it. No one else bitch. It’s you.” But Devon sounded scared now.
“Run Devon, run right now, can’t you hear it?” Jenna almost whispered but she knew it was too late. The sound of a dog howling cut through the darkness and Jenna knew the black dog had run at the first sign of the storm and what it brought.
“What in the hell?” Devon said and then he screamed. Jenna flinched at the sound but she sensed Paulette finally understood. There was another scream and then the sound of a wild animal growling, deep and throaty, a sound filled with the promise of violence and death. A shot rang out, another and another, but the growl grew louder after each shot. There was the sound of flesh ripping, screaming, growls and the sound of blooding pouring out of an opened throat.
And then silence.

The dog howled once again and then there silence that last for what seemed a long time.

“Not you.” Paulette said in the darkness. “Not Devon.” She laughed, which was the oddest sound that Jenna could think of hearing at the time. “In all my years, I swear by the Oldest Tree, I have no idea what has happened.”
“When Jim and Sam started their affair they were both just trying to do something to spite me.” Jenna replied. “Then it got ugly when the plan became to get me kicked out of the house, and finally, they started planning to kill me. The sex got the best of them, and somewhere along the line, Nick and Cleve got pulled into it. What they didn’t know is while they were doing shots of cheap whiskey and talking about all of this, the connection between Sam and myself set off warning signals. I felt it, I started drinking more to try to understand it, even if I didn’t realize why at the time. They were drunk, it made sense I could understand them better when I was drunk.
Jim made the mistake of trying to kill me rather than just destroy my life. He and Sam could have lived happily ever after but they wanted the life insurance money. When Sam truly began desiring my death she forgot that my blood and her blood are the same, and there is no difference when it comes to our essence. Tell me why you wanted to tell me what you have about the cards and power, Paulette, you’ve known me for years and suddenly you’re telling me things that very few people bother to learn.” Jenna paused. “Tell me why.”
“I sensed,” Paulette began and then stopped, “I do not know, I just know I felt it, something happened. The white star, it’s a protection card, I should have told you. The dog, Delta, is he…, no that isn’t right, it isn’t him, it couldn’t be, and not me, then..” Paulette stopped speaking and Jenna could hear her coming to realization. “How long have you known?”
“Since tonight.” Jenna said. “I’m not sure what to call it, or how to describe it. Do you know of a term that suits them?”
“I’ll have to do some research.” Paulette said. “It’s apparent that your ability is more than a little more powerful than the average person. It’s surprising that Sam had none or refused it in some way. I never felt anything from the twins at all.”
“I’m pretty sure they aren’t aware of what they’ve done or even if they know anything is happening. But I’ve protected them since they were born, now they’ve protected me. They’re only ten year old girls, but clearly there is something there. But we better get the cops here and get things cleaned up. I think they’ll return when they’re back in human form again.”
“We need to do a reading.” Paulette said.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween 2016: Part Six: Distance and Violence.

Jenna stepped out of the trailer and into the storm. How she had gotten there wasn’t important to her. How she was going to get back to Paulette’s house was a serious problem. Time, Jenna thought, time, how to close the gap between here and there and… There was a pizza delivery guy leaving the trailer park.
“Hello, I need a ride.” Jenna said as she tapped on the window.
“Uh, I’m really not allowed to have passengers.” The driver was young, very young, perhaps eighteen, and looked terrified.
“You’ve got a car and I need a ride.” Jenna told him. “Trust me, this is a story you’re going to be able to tell everyone once it’s all over, even if o one believes you.” Jenna got into the car and pulled her hair back. “Once you drop me off I want you to call 9-1-1 and send them to Number Seventeen in the park here, and tell them two people have been murdered.”
“What?” the driver stammered.
“Just do it.” Jenna said, “You need to be driving, 2112 West Force Street, go there now. Tell them to send someone to where we’re going, but give me ten minutes before you do. What’s your name?”
“Bob..Bobby,” Bobby said as he pulled out into traffic, “you, uh, aren’t going to hurt me are you?”
“No, but once we get to where we’re going you need to get the hell away from there was fast as you can and don’t look back.” Jenna said. “And remember to call the cops.”

The street lights blinked twice and then went dark and Jenna took that to be a good sign. The storm whipped the rain around until it swirled around the light of the headlights like angry bees.
“Uh, look,” Bobby said as he pulled into the driveway, “I don’t think you need to get out here, this place…”
“Yeah, I know, trust me.” Jenna said. “Call the cops, tell them about the murders in the trailer, then wait ten minutes and tell them to come here.”
“If something bad is going to happen shouldn’t they be here before then?” Bobby asked.
“Not if you want them to live.” And Jenna got out of the car.

Jenna couldn’t see anything at all in the dark but she didn’t need to see anymore. The dog’s scent was missing and she knew that he was gone. The door had been forced open and inside the scent of incense and blood filled the air. Would the young man wait ten minutes before he called the police? Jenna wondered if he would at all. Why get involved in murder if there was a way not to do so? Jenna smiled at the irony. Less than a week ago her biggest problem was trying to get out of a DUI and keep her job. Now five people had been murdered and she wondered if this was the end of it. Jenna clicked with her tongue and heard the echoes. Nothing was out of place, except that Paulette was gone, too.

There was the scent of blood on the floor and Jenna followed it to the bathroom door. The doorknob, and antique fixture that had come with the original structure was covered in it. Jenna pushed the door and it swung open. Paulette lay in the bathtub, bleeding from a head wound, but very much alive.
“You took your sweet time getting here, dear,” Paulette said, “he’ll be back and soon. We have to get ready.”

“What happened?” Jenna asked as she helped Paulette hold a bag of frozen peas on the bump on her head.
“I’m not sure, but I have a few guesses.” Paulette told her. “Devon showed up a few hours ago, more than a few now, his plan was to take you for a weekend, do you remember anything at all?”
“I woke up at Sam’s place.” Jenna swallowed hard. “Sam is dead. Cleve too.” Jenna fought back the urge to give in to sorrow. “I don’t remember much more than that.”
“He threw a pretty good fit when you refused to go with him. He threatened to send you to prison for the rest of your life and detailed how Sam and Cleve was going to help him do it. With you in prison, or worse, he was going to get you to sign over power of attorney to Sam and they would split the money Jim left you. You told him to go screw himself. He got violent and I got knocked in the head in melee. And then it got weird.” Paulette took the peas off her bump and felt the wound. “I’m too old for this shit.”

“Devon left here without you and I still alive and still in one piece, more or less.” Paulette told her. “You passed out on the floor, Jenna, and then even for the things I’ve seen, you did something I have never witnessed before; you simply disappeared. I’m not sure how or why, but I suspect that Devon had done something, or was going to do something, that triggered a latent ability in your being.”
“I had a weird vision and I woke up at Sam’s place.” Jenna said. “I saw a forest and a storm.”
“Devon was fixated on you since you began working at the office.” Paulette told her. “He’s done this to other women but he’s always gotten away with it, and it’s never gone to violence before, but something was different this time. I’m not sure who killed Jim but I suspect it was Devon.”
“No,” Jenna said slowly, “no, Paulette, I don’t think he killed Jim. I’m pretty sure Sam killed Nick, but I think she did it because he wouldn’t go along with killing me to get the insurance money. With Jim dead I think Nick saw that if they couldn’t pin it on me then they might go down for it. I think Nick was too smart for his own good. Sam and Cleve took Nick out to cut him out of the money and to pin another murder on me, but Devon wasn’t aware of any of this until after Jim was killed.”
“Your blackouts when you were drinking, Jenna.” Paulette stood up and wobbled but stood straight. “You were somehow able to be in two places at the same time, you were able to project yourself over a distance and return, this time you stayed put.” Paulette sat down on the floor beside Jenna. “I think we might consider the possibility that you killed Sam, Jenna. I think you may have killed Jim and Cleve as well.”
“This ability allows for that. Paulette.” Jenna stood up and offered a hand to help her up again. “But there’s a lot more to this than even you realize.”

End part six.

Halloween 2016: Part Five Of Storms, of Sounds, of Life and Death.

Jenna woke up in the forest. She had been here before, she knew that, but she didn’t know where she was or how she got here. The sky was as black as any night but the stars that hung in the sky were dazzling white, bright blue, sparkling yellow, and some were deep red in color. The moon was a creamy colored crescent that hung low in the branches of the trees as if it had become entangled in the bare limbs. Dew began to fall from the clear sky and each drop became a falling star; a silver streak of color that splashed down upon the plants on the forest floor, creating a brief luminescent display. “I’m dreaming” Jenna said aloud but there was no sound but that of the dew splashing down from the clear sky.

She looked up and could see the drops forming, falling, elongating as they raced one another to the surface of the earth, some landing in tree tops and others slipping between the outstretched arms of the trees to be greedily consumed by the plants which grew in the dark places of the crowded vegetation. Her breath came out in a small explosion, she had forgotten to breathe, and Jenna noticed the sound of her breath echoed and reverberated like a pebble dropped into a still pond. Sound is light, Jenna thought, and light blinds. She made a small clicking noise and then saw the trees and the underbrush more clearly, as if the sound of her voice had illuminated the world in a small yet vital way.

There was a wave of vertigo and Jenna nearly fell. She sat down in the wet underbrush and listened to the sounds of the woods in the near dark. There were animals walking, owls gliding overhead, leaves still falling, and there was a storm, yes, the sound of a storm, and before the storm ran two creatures of the night, who were heading towards her at a pace that defied the laws of physics. She realized that what she was experiencing was not a dream yet it was not part of the world she had always known to exist. This was a reality based not on light or sight but based entirely on the lack of the senses she had always felt was truthful to her. Jenna smiled even as she knew something was happening to her, and around her, and there was nothing she could do about it, yet.

The sky darkened as the storm approached and Jenna closed her eyes as the rain began, first as slow soft drops that resembled dew and then as the storm drew closer the rain was faster, harder, made of water not transpired from the leaves of trees but gulped from the open water of the distant ocean and now flung back down to earth, orphaned from the sea until it made its way back through twisting stream, noisy creeks, and vast rivers. Even as the wetness began to draw the heat from her body, and Jenna realized that this might kill her, she sought to go deeper, to follow the rain into the earth, to feel the roots of the trees, but there was a draw, a pull, something undeniable about the light of the stars beyond the clouds and rain. Jenna pulled herself back from the brink of total darkness and sat up. She lay on the floor of some room and she had no idea where she might be.
The smell of the room told her everything she needed to know; this was Sam’s trailer. The rank odor of cigarette smoke and beer permeated the air. Jenna make a clicking noise with her tongue and she realized she was in the bedroom of the twins but there was no sound of their breathing. There was the smell of blood. She fought back the wave of panic that threatened her senses and clicked again. The room was intact and the smell of blood came from under the door.

Instinctively she reached for the light switch and stopped. No, that was not needed now. But there was a light in the kitchen and Jenna realized that what she was about to see would wound her in a way that was as fundamental as sight, or blindness. The first body she didn’t recognize but the hat told it was Cleve. He was nude from the waist down and the trauma to his body shocked Jenna. But this was a man who lived inside of a bottle, was drawn to those who evaded quiet conversation, and who liked the idea of taking chances, even if he was ill equipped intellectually to gauge the danger versus rewards for this behavior. This is how it was going to end for him, and Jenna knew in some way she had flirted with this lifestyle.

Sam lay on her back with her eyes open, a single gruesome gash on her forehead, above her left eye. Jenna knelt down and placed her palm on Sam’s face. The flesh was already cold and felt unreal. This was the little girl, twenty years ago, who held her hand in Disney movies at the scary parts. Jenna felt a wail of grief began and she accepted it, breathed it in deeply, and then stood up and felt the grief turn into rage. A storm raged outside of the trailer but she knew now that nothing on this earth or from this earth, was anything to concern her, and she knew where to find a place where her rage would serve her. She staggered a bit, still unsteady, but she had to get to Paulette’s house before it was too late. Someone might have called 9-11 for the noise here must have been terrible. She had to find the twins, but that could wait. Now was the time for vengeance and Jenna knew the hunter was going to be the hunted before the storm passed.

End part five