Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Mac

On the upside I finally found where my Mac was hiding the ability to create documents. The downside is that I’ve got over twenty years worth of writing on a external device and I’ve got to get all of that stuff migrated onto the Mac. First, I have to download Microsoft Office onto the Mac, and right now the download bar is telling me I have a little better than four hours left on the download. 

The first real shock was from the price. Macs are expensive machines and it’s hard for me to justify spending the kind of money I just dropped on this thing but the last three HPs I owned died and died hard. In one month. Three. PCs. In. One. Month. This didn’t cost me a lot of money but it did slaughter my time like nothing else I have ever experienced. Whatever else might be said for the inexpensive PCs they lack the dependability of Macs, or so I’ve been told. Something had to give. I don’t work a computer hard enough for it to wear out soon. And I cannot afford the downtime trying walk Customer Service through problems new machine just damn well ought not to be having. 

I’ve heard people talk about the Dell or the HP or the Lenovo they’ve had for years and never had a problem with it and that’s fine. But for every person with a happy ending to their PC there’s another dozen or so whose fighting viruses and clunky machines for months or years. My fight with HP last well over a year and ate up a lot of my time and more than a few pages. As advanced as technology might be, and it is, when a computer crashes it will still eat a paragraph or two. And sitting behind a keyboard and wondering if the machine is hungry and wants one hundred words as a sacrifice to the Gods is not conducive to good writing. It was time for a change and I was more than willing to make an investment in a good machine to write on. 

Most of my spare time is invested in writing. Most of the time I’m not writing I’m thinking about what to write next and how. Some people buy boats and some people spend their money on cars or guns or alcohol, but I write. I once claimed it was the cheapest thing someone could do with their time but that’s gone out of the window with the Mac in the house. 

Yet the very fact i write as much as I do argues for this machine and the continuity that it ought to provide me over the years. While my PCs have done well the latest bout of deaths and crashes give me a chance to look at what I do as a function of a machine that cannot be relied upon or a part of my soul that I ought to invest the resources on to fulfill my needs. 

The adventure begins. And the adventure continues. For the first time in nearly twenty-five years I do not own a PC. I have to work with an alien system and everything I was once so very good at doing has to be relearned. So be it! I still have a keyboard in front of me and I still can write under nearly any conditions and I the Muse is still strong. 

Take Care,


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