Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Demon Regal

“It’s against the rules, or to be more precise, it’s considered bad manners to intervene,” Regal told her, “during a possession. That’s not to say it isn’t done, but considering our circumstances here, and what’s going on around us, I have to be very careful in what I do and how I do it, and to whom I do it.”
“You once told me, Colleen stopped to process what she had just heard, “that I have a natural resistance to possession.”
“And that is true.” Regal agreed. “But against me, or any other powerful Demon, you are defenseless.”
“What’s going to happen to me?” Colleen asked bluntly.
“You’ve been raped before, physically, and I can tell you the experience you will go through in possession, considering who you are and what you are, will be infinitely worse and it will last longer than you can imagine. Nothing Inanna has done to you will compare to possession by a hostile Demon bent on proving a point to another Demon.” Regal sighed and sat down again by the window, looking out, with his back to Colleen.
“And you won’t help me?” Colleen hated herself for asking and she already knew the answer.
“I will not.” Regal replied. “They will use you in trying to provoke me into reacting. It’s the first step towards an all-out war if I try to save you, or worse, do save you. They’ll know then I can be distracted by an attack on you and it will split my focus away from those things that you rather have me focused upon at all times.”
“I feel like a pawn.” Colleen said simply.
“You have been a pawn in this since you decided to murder a man to save your career, Colleen. You’ve never been an innocent but I have to admit this is the first time you’ve been truly defenseless. Your only real hope is that sometime during the attack they will realize I’m not going to do anything at all and they release you.” Regal sat perfectly still as he spoke.
“If they do not?” Colleen asked.
“Then you will remain in their power until they decide to release you or kill you. What they do to you between life and death will be, it will have to be, unimaginable harsh. You, as a human, deliberately decided to serve a Demon. In fact, two if us. You knew when this began that we were not always guardians or shepherds, and you knew that there were those of us who had no regard for your kind at all.” Regal said as he watched the setting sun.
“I never realized how much of one of those you were.” Colleen replied.
“You knew who Ben Johnson was.” Regal said. “You knew who I made him, and why I made him, and how I still use him. Each and every day you’ve spoken to me I have heard you, seen you, smelled you, and experienced you, through the senses of a human who I hold captive and against his will, and you have known this since the beginning. I have told you, and Inanna, especially, has told you, that your kind are less to us than the cattle you will feed upon this very night, and the animals you crush under your tires on the way home. We have been very honest with you. We have been more open with you than you can imagine and at any time you could have fled this place and never returned. But I’m sure you realize by now this war is going to be much worse than you could ever have seen in a nightmare.”
“What?” Colleen felt a fear rising in her that she hadn’t felt before. “What do you mean?” She took an involuntary step backwards.
“It would take a lesser being than Toby to discover who you are close to and where those people are.” Regal said. “Your sister, your niece, your mother, the people you once knew at work, anyone you have ever loved is traceable and subject to being used against you. You have no idea how incredibly thorough they will be in finding every raw emotion of pain that can be burned completely and used utterly.” The sun cast a bright light on Regal’s face and to her horror, Colleen realized he was grinning.
“You are enjoying this?” Colleen asked.

“I could possess you, Colleen.” Regal replied. “And that would protect you, and yours, completely, unless I was killed, and I will not be, I assure you.” Colleen watched the light fade and felt the cold truth in his words.


  1. “You did not see this coming Colleen?” Toby sounded calm but Colleen could see the stress in his body language. “I have told you repeatedly that these creatures were not to be trusted and now this? What are we to do? Where do you think would be safe from them?” Toby rubbed his forehead and sighed but did not speak again.
    “Regal could be lying.” Colleen suggested. “Or maybe that was Inanna.”
    “If what has been said is true then it matters very little who said it.” Toby said after a few moments. But Inanna would be more likely to be graphic about what would happen. The manner of speech was Regal. It seems likely if we can accept the idea that there are two Demons and we can accept the idea one of them caused the deaths of over six hundred men in order to try to kill five then we must accept what has been told tonight as partial truth, at best. I suspect Regal was lying about something but any part of the truth here is very bad.”
    “They wouldn’t attempt to take one of us right here in the lab, would they?” Colleen asked. “I think Regal and Inanna would fight them if they got this close.”
    “I concur.” Toby replied. “But how long could we stay here? These creatures have no sense of time that we understand. This war has been going on for over five thousand years. I’m not sure what our children would look like but how do you feel about spending the rest of your life with me?”
    Colleen laughed despite the severity of the situation. This was as close as Toby had ever come to even remotely flirting with her, and she was pretty sure he wasn’t now. Colleen started to speak and stopped. Was he?
    “Ever if we were safe here,” Toby continued, “your sister and her family would be wide open to attack and there is nothing we can do to prevent this. My family, Roger, Folsom, even Ellijay, especially Ellijay, would be subject to possession and I’m pretty sure that it will be every bit as terrible as it has been described.” Toby paused again. “Still we have no idea what part of the truth as been told to us. You should have killed him when you had the chance. We should have fled this place with alacrity when we discovered what he was. Inanna should have been a clear sign we were and we are far over our heads in this. You must accept his proposal or you must accept the consequences of not accepting it. Or find a way to kill Inanna, and I am certain just saying this out loud is dangerous.”
    They both sat in silence and Colleen wondered how much time they had, if any. Was it already too late? She checked her cell phone and wondered how things would unravel. Would her sister call to tell her that her niece had begun snorting meth and selling her body? Would there be a mass shooting that took them all quickly? Would her sister come to this place and plead with her to stop what was happening inside her mind? The possibilities were like looking into Hell and seeing every moment of torture. If they ran it would make it easier for hostile Demons to attack them. Maybe they should call everyone they cared about and then ask them to move into the lab until the war between Demons was resolved. Colleen laughed, a short humorless bark, and then closed her eyes.
    “I think Inanna would be a better Demon to be possessed by, actually, Toby.” Colleen said finally.
    “That is the most insane thing you have ever said and I have frequently questioned your mental state.” Toby said quickly. “That is not in the least bit funny.”
    “Yeah, but it will flesh out if Regal is lying, and how much lying he’s doing.” Colleen bit her lower lip when she was finished speaking then continued, “If he will protect me from Inanna then it’s a good bet he’ll protect me from any other Demon.”
    “This is a gamble you can but lose, and only lose from one degree of terrible to another.” Toby stood up. “I will physically restrain you if you make such an attempt.”

  2. WTF? You need more sleep and less heat.